Content Marketing : How It Works for B2B and B2C

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Content Marketing HOW IT WORKS FOR B2B and B2C

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Content is KING Great content is the sole help for distressed

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The biggest confusion is what approach to take?

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Maximum content marketing plans

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WHY They don't follow content marketing ethics for their industry.

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The approach for B2B and B2C are like superheroes They look the same but are not actually!

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Approach : B2C Emotion based content marketing approach is everything in B2C

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From tweets to website, from hoardings to audio-video presentation, your every piece of content must reflect the same content ideology

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Reference For Approach : B2C

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Reference For Approach : B2C Look at these examples, all of them ARE SIMPLE AND EMOTIONAL.

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Approach : B2B If you are applying same approach to B2B you are taking wrong turn!

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Hard data is everything in B2B. The more you market facts and figures, the more you sell

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Story Narration

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Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of story telling FACTS TELL, BUT STORIES SELL

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Story Narration Strategic storytelling is the best content marketing practice Consumers relate to the well-narrated stories easily and instantly. Relate your story partly or fully. It will definitely make them relate to your product or service.

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Reference For Story Narration

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Reference For Story Narration Nescafe Campaign Nestle uses the concept of story telling strategically to trigger an emotional response from the viewers. Click here to play

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Story Narration: B2B Lots and lots and lots of Facts & Numbers The main objective of B2B products are to help businesses. Generating the maximum profit or removing problems from their businesses. That's why number talks more…

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B2B vs B2C Approach Segmented Approach The strategy for B2C can never be linear and focused, even if you are serving to a particular niche of customers. Linear Approach If you look at a B2B content strategy, you will find that it is linear and focused on one singular goal. Ultimate success of any strategy lies in the way how much convenience it gives to the consumer.

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Social Media

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B2B vs B2C Social Media Social impact influences sales and works in quite different ways in both B2B and B2C

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Social Media: B2C Social media engagement is important than social media followers

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Social media strategy must be content rich. Include numbers so as to attract target audience.

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Reference For Social Media : B2B

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Reference For Social Media : B2B

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Content Strategy

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Content Strategy: B2C deliver the problem and solution with right message and you are done!

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Content Strategy: B2B B2B strategy shows Auth rity Businesses have many solutions for their problems, so whom to choose becomes the main point. Therefore, it's the best you show trustworthiness and authority on the subject businesses look for.

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Content Strategy: B2B Trustworthiness Team Capabilities B2B strategy should talk Passion Experience Leadership Attitude Expertise over the domains

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2B

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2B

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Content Strategy: B2B Educational IBM is capitalizing the marketing with its educational content marketing strategy. Emotional IBM content is emotional but it is based more on tangible information. Because of their content strategy, other businesses see IBM as a trustworthy partner, which was the ultimate goal of their strategy. Selling Their focus is instead on what they sell and not on how they sell it.

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2B Under the Think campaign, IBM has made it clear that their services cater to enterprises. That's why they show data collection, integration and security. IBM knows corporations is run by humans so they also have included design elements and aesthetics along with the hard data.

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2B

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2C

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2C Coca Cola is a classical example of content power. The strategy of this brand directly connects with their customers, striking an emotional chord with them and establishing themselves as a top brand

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Reference For Content Strategy : B2C Fresh and fertile idea Your marketing ideas must have the power to keep the engine of content marketing running all the time

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The main idea underlying in both, B2B and B2C content marketing is emotions to capture the attention of customers Don't forget the fact The ultimate success of any strategy lies in the way how much convenience it gives to the consumer

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