10 Steps to Creating a Profitable LinkedIn Profile

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Steps to Creating a Profitable Profile @stephsammons

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LinkedIn provides an incredible opportunity to build YOUR personal influence.

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But building your influence is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, it accumulates over time.

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And it all starts with your LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn says that members who have a complete profile are forty times more likely to receive opportunities.

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The top level of profile completion is “All-Star.” If your profile isn’t AllStar status, you will want to get it there.

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The way you achieve All-Star status is simple: complete your profile.

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Here are 10 steps you can take to get started on developing a profitable LinkedIn profile.

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Put Your Best Face Forward 1 Your profile picture should be a current, professional, and friendly headshot.

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It’s all about putting your best face forward for that potential client or customer you have yet to meet!

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Hire a professional photographer. Work with affordable photographers. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be professional.

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Craft a Compelling Headline Statement 2 Your headline statement can serve as an important client-attraction tool.

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Optimize your LinkedIn headline statement by describing what you are known for (or what you do) and whom you serve.

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Consider adding a personal tidbit if you have the room. When you include a personal tidbit in your headline statement, you become more personable.

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Use Keywords in Your Profile Where They Count 3 Keywords can help you get found in LinkedIn searches.

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Always choose keywords that your clients and customers would use to describe you. Stay away from industry jargon.

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Consider 3 sections of your profile for keywords:  your headline  your LinkedIn summary  your current and past work experience

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Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL 4 If possible, you will want to use your full name for your profile URL.

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Grab your name on LinkedIn so your profile URL matches your personal brand.

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If you change your LinkedIn profile URL… Make sure you update this link anywhere else it might be listed online! The old link will no longer work once it’s updated.

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Customize Your Profile Website Link Descriptions 5 LinkedIn gives you three customizable links for your profile.

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If someone views your profile and becomes interested in learning more about you, they may click on the link to your website.

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How to customize these link descriptions: Use a short few words to describe the web links such as the name of your company or blog, or even a special offer you have.

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Craft a Compelling LinkedIn Summary 6 Your LinkedIn summary is the centerpiece of your profile.

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Sharing your core message in your LinkedIn profile summary is vital. But just as important is sharing your story and purpose.

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Write it in the first person. Write it as if you are speaking directly to the viewer. This is how you make a personal connection.

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How to Showcase Your Work Experience 7 For a "complete" profile, you need at least one current position and two past positions listed.

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The goal is to highlight work experience that tells the story of how you got to where you are today.

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Showcase your most important & relevant work. You can add and showcase related rich media for each position you’ve held, such as videos and presentations.

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List Your Educational Background to Expand Your Network 8 Listing your educational background on LinkedIn opens up a connection opportunity.

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Leveraging alumni search on LinkedIn is a great way to grow your network with highly relevant connections.

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You can send personalized invitations to connect because of your alumni relationship. Personalize your invitation by mentioning your common school and/or common connections.

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Collect and Showcase Your Endorsements 9 Social proof can be very powerful in establishing your credibility.

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Social proof can be very powerful in establishing your credibility. Endorsements are a visual display of your competency in your top skills.

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Earn endorsements by endorsing your 1st-degree connections liberally. It takes no time at all to go through and endorse a few of your connections daily.

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Make a Human Connection through Rich Media Content 10 Rich media can bring your profile to life!

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Use it to demonstrate your expertise more effectively.

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LinkedIn’s supported providers:  Videos: YouTube or Vimeo  Slide presentations: SlideShare  Podcast episodes: SoundCloud

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Start building your LinkedIn presence before you desperately need it!

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Ready for an effective, strategic approach to leveraging ?

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Grab your FREE TIP SHEET: 9 Quick Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Influence

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Grab your FREE TIP SHEET: 9 Quick Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Influence

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