Social Media Tools for Business Buyer's Guide

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SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS for BUSINESS BUYERS Guide Version 1.0 (Winter 2015) By Neal Schaffer

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As co-founder of the Social Tools Summit, the first social media industry conference focused on tools and best practices in utilizing them to scale ROI, I've had the pleasure to engage with tens, if not hundreds, of social media tools vendors.

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I wanted to create a resource for you to help you with your social media tools audit by focusing on those tools that I recommend you take a look at.

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I've tried to create a comprehensive list of the leading social media tools while highlighting those vendors who sponsored Social Tools Summit as well as those tools that I personally use and recommend.

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If you don't see a tool here that you think should be added, or if your tool is in the wrong category, comment below or ping me: I plan on updating this resource regularly.

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Simply click on each company's logo to jump directly to their website.

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1 Employee Advocacy Employee advocacy was a topic that permeated almost every session at the recent Social Tools Summit 2015 in San Francisco and is currently the hottest trend in corporate social business.

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1 Employee Advocacy Use an advocacy platform to help exponentially leverage the voice of those that are already supporting you: your employees.

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Read my GaggleAMP Review Engage your employees to amplify your online marketing campaigns. GaggleAMP allows you to transform your employees into an online marketing engine.

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PostBeyond enables employees to post approved brand content to their personal networks in an efficient, consistent, and measurable way.

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SocialChorus is the daily news app for work. The app delivers relevant news to employees to keep them informed and engaged, while unlocking advocacy.

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SoCXO helps drive word-of-mouth publicity allowing marketers to reach a wider audience through influencer network and impact purchase decisions and boost bottom lines.

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Other Tools

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2 Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing continues to be a hot trend as more and more brands realize that it is a powerful way to tap into communities and extend the reach of brands through help of those with powerful social media presences.

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2 Influencer Marketing Tools can help as part of the process of identifying, engaging, recruiting, and analyzing the ROI of your influencer marketing program.

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Grytics is a Facebook Groups Analytics tools designed to help group admins manage their communities.

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Little Bird is the only influencer marketing platform that can help businesses segment social data on demand to find influencers shaping market intent on Twitter.

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Traackr is a global, end-to-end influencer management solution including influencer identification, relationship management, and success measurement.

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Other Tools Read my Klout Review

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Other Tools

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3 Content Marketing Every social media program relies on content, but how do you crowdsource, source, curate, organize, publish, repurpose, analyze, and measure your content marketing efforts?

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3 Content Marketing Use content marketing tools to leverage content platforms to ensure you spend less time and publish higher quality and engaging content for your brand.

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BuzzSumo helps content marketers create better content through research, amplification and monitoring. Find top content and key influencers for any topic.

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Edgar is a social media scheduling tool that saves every post users upload & shares them again and again over time, so they can deliver their content to a wider audience in less time.

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Read my LikeableLocal Review Likeable Hub is the first social media automation tool for small businesses. Boosting your presence on social media has never been easier.

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Other Tools Read my Blappsta Review Read my Curata Review

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Other Tools

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4 Visual Social The next generation of social media is visual social media marketing, with the growth of purely visual social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

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4 Visual Social Very few companies are leveraging the immense potential that visual marketing have for them because traditional social media dashboards offer you little help.

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4 Visual Social Fortunately, a new generation of social tools purely focused on visual marketing have emerged that can help generate ROI-- visually.

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Read my AbbsonLive Review Content is king, and live video is the king of content. Livestreams have the power to propel a good content marketing strategy to greatness—let us help!

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Ditto is image recognition technology that lets marketers detect consumer affinities in the billions of public photos shared on social media.

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PostCreator gives you the power to create branded social media visuals with ease. Just upload an image, overlay a message, add your logo and post directly to your social accounts.

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Read my Tailwind Review Tailwind, the leading visual marketing platform, makes it easier to create, publish, track and promote your visual content on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Other Tools Read my Visme Review Read my Onlypult Review

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5 Engagement Marketing If you're not maximizing the use of social media contests to engage your communities and expand your following, you're missing out on a plethora of opportunities for your brand.

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5 Engagement Marketing Social media contests apps have come a long way over the last few years and now offer multi-platform support, CRM functionality, and more.

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Thought leadership platform with shareable curated content. Create your social media enabled AhaBookTM in hours & have your AhaMessagesTM shared for years!

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Easily manage social workflows, identify content and influencers that matter, and monitor reactions as they occur with Cision Social Edition.

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TINT helps organizations beautifully display any of their or their audiences’ social media content onto any website, TV screen, projector, digital display, and jumbotron in minutes.

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Other Tools Read my PromoSimple Review Read my EasyPromos Review Read my TabSite Review

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Other Tools

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6 Analytics A social media analytics and intelligence tool is your best friend at helping you find deeper insights into your presence, your customers, your competition, your content, and ultimately your ROI.

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6 Analytics These tools of social business intelligence can help you measure, integrate, and analyze.

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Brandwatch Analytics is a leading social intelligence platform, gathering millions of online conversations daily and empowering users to make insightful business decisions.

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Read my SimplyMeasured Review Simply Measured is the industry’s leading social analytics solution, helping marketers prove the value of social while enabling them do their best work, simply.

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An advanced social media analytics platform that helps businesses make better decisions using accurate social data.

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Other Tools Read my Komfo Review

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Other Tools

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7 Listening Some of the first social media tools were focused on monitoring, and those tools have vastly evolved to transform your listening and monitoring efforts into providing its users an invaluable source of analytics and business data.

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7 Listening Data and intelligence derived from listening can be utilized throughout the enterprise.

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Synthesio provides enterprise Social Listening, analytics and social ROI in one simple tool. Social Intelligence.

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Other Tools

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8 Social Media Dashboard Social media dashboards are the workhorses for social media marketing as they provide a one-stop platform for all of your social media needs, from monitoring and posting to analytics and in some cases compliance.

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8 Social Media Dashboard However, no two dashboards are created equally, and optimizing workflows around the various social media dashboards can lead to a significant increase in your social media marketing efficiency.

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Read my AgoraPulse Review This dashboard for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps you easily manage conversations, schedule posts, find influencers, and download stats.

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Other Tools Read my Oktopost Review Read my PostPlanner Review Read my Hoostsuite Review

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Other Tools

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9 Social Selling Multiple data points already suggest that sales people that use social media as part of their sales process outperform those that don't.

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9 Social Selling Social selling tools will help maximize the use of your sales team's time and make it easy for them to incorporate social selling into their sales toolbox.

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rFactr SocialPort™ is the only Enterprise Social Communication Platform technology that can manage digital selling and advocacy initiatives.

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Socedo discovers relevant prospects based on Twitter activity, qualifies them through automated engagement, and provides access to valuable lead data.

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Know your fans and market smarter with one all-inclusive platform for engagement campaigns, user-generated content aggregation, social login and CRM.

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Other Tools

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10 Social Media for Customer Service Servicing your customer in social media where they spend their time is no longer an option for many companies.

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10 Social Media for Customer Service Social tools developed specifically for social media customer service can bring a variety of benefits to your support team.

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Other Tools

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Tools are an Important Way for Companies to Scale Their Social Media 1

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