How SEO technology and techniques will change in 2016

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How SEO technology and techniques will change in 2016 Steve Masters Services Director Vertical Leap <Insert company logo> Learn how algorithms will liberate search marketers to be more efficient and effective.

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Agenda Big data problems facing SEO experts How this is changing search marketing Aggregating and presenting data Insights and algorithms Machine learning and artificial intelligence

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About me Services Director at Vertical Leap Ex-journalist I ran the launch promotion on MSN in the late 90s for MSN Messenger I once sold a domain name for $5000 two days after I registered it because someone thought of the same idea at the same time. I met Brian May by accident - he directed me to my seat at a T'Pau concert dd

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Multiple data sources

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Data explosion “Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the past two years alone.” IBM

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The productivity imbalance

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Big data is changing search marketing People + robots = force multiplier

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Google Flu Trends Google’s flu predictor uses search query volumes to track the spread of influenza.

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The more big data we create, the more we need bots to manage it.

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Cars will soon drive themselves

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And robots will deliver orders

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Think how many man hours Google Analytics saves you

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A person can only do one thing at a time

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People get tired

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Computers versus people Multi-tasking, no fatigue*, no breaks, accuracy, repetition, no emotion *Battery life notwithstanding

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Your website’s technical data Hierarchy URLs Words Relevance User flow Layout Mobile v desktop Speed and tech factors

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Your competitor’s technical data Who else is ranking for your keywords? Who’s going up and who’s dropping? Auditing Backlink profile Technical analysis Content analysis Comparative data

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Companies are investing in native technology to replace manual labour

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Multiple data points Population stats Impressions, traffic, sales Footfall Time of year/day Weather Customer data Previous year data The competition

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Apollo Insights - big data

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All the data in one place

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Collating page data from multiple sources in Apollo Insights

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Creating a long-term visibility footprint graph

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The evolution of automation

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Multiple data sources

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Thorough auditing 24x7

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Search marketing intelligence

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Algorithms are the future of marketing automation

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Advisor algorithms

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The combination of experts and algorithms is a powerful force multiplier

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Actionable Insights

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Turning manual processes into algorithms

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Machine learning in our generation will be hampered by the Dunning Kruger effect

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… until we teach them to develop their own will to make themselves smarter

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Google’s TensorFlow is open source

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Takeaways Collect all the data possible related to a website. Make it easy to report on and analyse that data. Create automated process for analysing and advising on that data. Liberate experts to do more creative work.

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Vote How many data sources do you currently use? 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+

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Vote How ‘on top’ of your data are you? Not really sure where to start Have started looking at it but feeling overwhelmed We have lots of data in various places but struggling to bring it together into one place We are collating and starting to analyse Totally all over it ?

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Vote Are you currently using any form of algorithms to manage your search marketing? Yes No Don’t know

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Summary – questions please! 1 2 3 4 5 To learn more, visit www.vertical-leap.uk Recommended Smart Insights resources: