How To Create And Sell An Ebook

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how to Create and Sell an Ebook www.becomeablogger.com

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THE CONTENT Who is my target audience? What are they trying to accomplish? How is the content of my eBook related to their goals? What are their struggles in attempting to reach their goal(s)? How can I best create content that helps them accomplish their goals and overcome their struggles? GOALS

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Start writing!

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THE SOFTWARE Microsoft Word (PC/Mac) Pages (Mac only) Open Office (PC/Mac. FREE) Google Docs (PC/Mac. FREE)

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THE FORMATTING Keep your paragraphs relatively short. Use bold and italics to strategically emphasize key phrases and words. Use callouts to highlight statements, quotes or points in your content. remember to KISS: Keep It Super Simple

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LINKS insert links in your eBook to direct readers to relevant content in your website use images to enhance your eBook IMAGES When choosing images, you want to make sure you have appropriate permissions to use each photo. FORMAT deliver your eBook PDF in PDF format PDFs are great to keep the formatting consistent, regardless of the device used to consume content, because the file type is universally accepted.

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START SELLING IT! Recommended service: Title upload the file to the site give it a title and description set a price upload a cover image Gumroad gives you a URL that you can use to sell the eBook Gumroad then takes care of EVERYTHING else. Money made from your sales is directly deposited to your bank account in two days.

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More details on this at www.becomeablogger.com

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