The Top 10 Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016

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The Top 10 Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016

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To stay competitive you need to be visible, and that’s no easy feat Here’s a look at the 10 marketing trends that will drive conversations and conversions in 2016 @danielnewmanuv

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1. Embrace the Customer Experience Model The year 2016 will see brand ambassadors given a higher priority, more effective customer engagement — using tactics highlighted below — and tighter collaboration with sales and support to directly affect conversion rates @danielnewmanuv

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2. Will Ad Blockers Change the Game? Watch for companies to continue to create advertisements that seamlessly blend with — rather than interrupt — the browsing experience, as well as to use those customer-centric insights to drive content and social engagement @danielnewmanuv

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3. Dream and Market in 3D Customer experience is priority number one and 3D technology is poised to move from novelty to mainstream. It will start most heavily in the gaming industry, but as the technology to create and consume becomes more accessible, smart marketers will look for ways to bring their products to virtual life @danielnewmanuv

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4. Marketers Will (Finally) Recognize Social Media as a Channel, Not a Strategy Social media is one platform of many, a tactic that does a great job of supporting broad campaigns but flounders by itself. This distinction will shape marketing strategies and budgetary considerations in 2016 @danielnewmanuv

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5. Omnichannel Will be Retail’s Best Friend From addressing the causes behind abandoned shopping carts to creating an easy transition between online and bricks-and-mortar locations, omnichannel will improve the bottom line for both retailers and B2B @danielnewmanuv

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6. Big Data IS for Marketers Tools are coming to the marketplace that make mining and managing data easier than ever. 2016 will be a banner year for incorporating big data and perhaps more importantly, analytics into marketing decisions @danielnewmanuv

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7. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile For retailers, mobile is basic; for others, it soon will be. At a minimum, this means a mobile-optimized and responsive website, and may include custom apps and mobile-targeted campaigns @danielnewmanuv

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8. Video Use Explodes While Live Streaming Finds a Purpose The next year will see video continue to shine and streaming move to the forefront of marketing, with innovative new campaigns that allow consumers to be the stars @danielnewmanuv

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9. No Rest for Content With no decline in sight for the importance of good content, the next year will see greater focus on bringing influencers on board for more organic marketing. Storytelling will also play a key role in drawing consumers in and keeping them engaged @danielnewmanuv

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10. Data (Read: Results) Will Be an Overarching Theme CEOs, CMOs, and every other influencer in the C-suite will look to marketers for data before, during, and after campaigns to validate return on their marketing investments @danielnewmanuv

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Focusing on the customer, delivering value, and making decisions based on data as well as good ideas are the same currents that have carried successful marketers for decades @danielnewmanuv

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Let’s Connect… Daniel Newman Co-CEO V3B and President, Broadsuite, Inc. dnewman@broadsuite.com Twitter: @danielnewmanuv LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/daniellouisnewman