The Collaborative Future of Technology and Leadership

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The Collaborative Future of Technology and Leadership Kyle Lacy Director, Global Content & Research Salesforce Marketing Cloud Jason Miller Senior Director, Global Content Marketing LinkedIn

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Kyle Lacy Director, Global Content & Research Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Jason Miller Senior Content Marketing Manager LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

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985 Senior Marketers 510 B2B 475 B2C

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1. The Customer Journey Takeover

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2. Moving from Information to Insights

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It starts with data and ends with the experience. @kyleplacy

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17% have fully integrated customer data across the organization 97% are successfully creating a cohesive customer journey

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We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better action. David Walmsley, Head of Multichannel, Marks & Spencer @kyleplacy

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3. All Businesses are Mobile Businesses—Or At Least They Should Be.

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Mobile Penetration Rate (Total Population)

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Smartphone massive growth potential with only 30% of total market. Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report @kyleplacy

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50% of B2B marketing leaders don’t plan on using mobile in their strategy @kyleplacy

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100% of marketers who rated mobile app technology as important also rated it as either very effective or effective within their marketing strategy. @kyleplacy

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Mobile is Accelerating Content Consumption

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70% of clicks from Sponsored Updates will come from mobile. Most important, make sure your landing page is mobile responsive—otherwise you are wasting leads

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4. Focus on the Customer. Period.

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Moving from push to personalize.

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5. Collaborating, Enabling and Preparing the Future

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Percent of Marketers Rating Cross-Functional Relationships as Absolutely Critical/Very Important 86% Head of Sales CEO Head of Product COO CFO 78% 70% 67% 56% 37% CIO

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6. The Team of the Future

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31 The four unique band members work together to deliver an amazing product. Lays Groundwork Fuels Content Fuels Demand Gen

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32 They consistently deliver content that their fans want to consume and share.

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33 Their PR efforts guide their vision as the hottest band in the world.

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They deliver amazing experiences on tour (Event Marketing)

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They built a thriving community.

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“People want a thrill, people want a spectacle and people love to be entertained.”

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B2B Recommendations Map the customer journey. Of the 510 senior-level marketers surveyed, 37% had adopted the term customer journey into their overall business strategy, compared to 42% of B2C senior-level marketers.   Prioritize mobile strategy. There are already billions of smartphones in the world, but more importantly, those smartphones are creating hundreds of trillions of data points by the second. B2B marketers currently aren’t adopting mobile marketing strategies at a high rate (61% don’t plan to use SMS or location-based tracking for marketing, and 53% don’t plan to use push notifications). Test new tools. Marketing automation, videos, content marketing, guided selling, and landing pages are the most effective channels and strategies that B2B marketers can leverage.

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B2C Recommendations Maintain a customer journey focus. B2C companies are on the right path when it comes to the customer journey; more B2C companies than B2B are using the term “customer journey,” and their definitions of the customer journey included customer-centric concepts like path, experience, and customer. Rely on SEO/SEM, content marketing, and email as the workhorses of B2C. These three channels ranked most effective for B2C marketing leaders among all digital channels. Close the data integration gap. Sixty-five percent of B2C marketing leaders say they have only partially integrated customer data across the organization (between sales, ops, customer service, marketing, and so on).

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