Standing Out in a World of Content Overload 7 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2014

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Standing Out in a World of Content Overload 7 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2014

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More content is being generated than ever before 70% of B2B Content Marketers created more content this year 55% will increase and 32% will maintain Content Marketing spend How will your company stand out? 1

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The Buyer’s Journey is not a guided tour Buyers can’t usually be escorted in their journey from awareness to purchase Understand where they land on their journey and establish a presence at each spot, including 3rd party sites, review sites, social platforms, search results Advanced: Be the potential buyer’s “point of inspiration” by creating and sharing inspiring and authentic stories 2

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Integrate authentic stories into your content Find real stories that engage your audience Great stories generate: Conflict & suspense Empathy & authenticity Tap into emotions Foster aspirations in your audience Drive meaningful attention 3

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Unique Practices are better than Best Practices Copying Content Marketing approaches (“best practices”) is less valuable than finding your unique approach. Some ways: Develop a strong, unforgettable voice Be the best at something (e.g. best “digital” teacher) Document (or create) compelling stories (see #3) Go beyond traditional content (see #5) 4

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Writing will never diminish as a key part of Content Marketing Even if your job description is not a “writer,” great writing is still essential (for ads, emails, posts, press releases, slidesets, web content) Managers: hire people who can write well (look at samples) Marketers: continue to hone your writing skills All content marketers need to be great writers 5

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Move beyond your content comfort zone Blogging, eBooks, Infographics, webinars – yes, we know the drill. What else? Understand your buyer’s ultimate goal and process Develop “things” that replace parts of their process Examples: Calculators, self-assessment tools, digital assets (like stock photos or buttons for web), presentation templates (like a VC pitch deck), statistics (to help with internal pitches) 6

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Use agile marketing management approaches 7 The online marketing world is complicated - cause and effect are often hard to connect We’re also in a time of rapid change and need to stay nimble A Waterfall approach to marketing management (plan, build, measure, deliver) is sub-optimal in this environment Agile practices with long term planning, shorter work cycles and active communication better allow marketing to align with changing priorities

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