Key to Content Marketing Success

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The Key to Content Marketing Success Focus on Customer Experience Shelly Kramer, V3 Integrated Marketing @shellykramer

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Today’s business environment?

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Most days, people feel like this

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Attention is fractured

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The customer journey is constantly evolving and changing

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The Sales “Funnel” Isn’t Really a Funnel

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There’s just one way to get their attention….

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Understand this ….

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Keep It Personal Buyers are 60% of the way down the purchase path before they want live help. 95% of purchasers said the solution provider they chose provided them with ample content to navigate through each stage of the buying process. 66% of recent purchasers said that consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales + marketing was a key influence in choosing that company. Source: Forrester’s Rethink Marketing in the Buyer’s Context, 2/2013 @shellykramer

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What they care about…. Finding Customers Dealing With the Competition Managing Costs Developing New Products + Services Source: Bredin, 2013 SMB Survey, http://www.bredin.com/press_01092013.html @ShellyKramer V3 Integrated Marketing

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Digital: The Dominant Sales Channel Survey of 4,000 CMOs, 64% said they want to approach customers as individuals. Those same marketers recognize that digital will replace face-to-face as the dominant sales channel in the next 3-5 years. What to do? Source: BM, CxO Study, 10/2013

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V3 Integrated Marketing This is what people thought I looked like @ShellyKramer V3 Integrated Marketing

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V3 Integrated Marketing This is what people thought I looked like @ShellyKramer V3 Integrated Marketing

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V3 Integrated Marketing @ShellyKramer V3 Integrated Marketing

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Where to Start? @shellykramer

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Content Impacts Everything

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What Marketers Say…

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Let Strategy Drive Tactics What makes us a company they want to do business with? Do they need what we sell? Do they know it? Do our values and culture align? What makes us better, different, interesting, unique, more appealing? Worth paying attention to? What problems do we solve? How do we make customers’ lives easier and them more successful, profitable, etc.

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21 Content Marketing & Personas Who is this person? What are their work habits? What are their challenges? What are their responsibilities? Who do they work with and report to? How much purchase authority do they have? What is their vendor selection role: End User, Influencer, Decision Maker etc Do they have a relationship with your company today? What do they read? How do they measure success

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What to do? @shellykramer

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Know what you’re up against @shellykramer

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Everybody’s a “Content Creator”

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Everybody’s a “Content Creator”

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Everybody’s a “Content Creator”

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V3 Integrated Marketing

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V3 Integrated Marketing Like these people….

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V3 Integrated Marketing Like these people….

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Let the Buying Stages Drive Your Content Strategy 32 Learn Solve Compare Purchase

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Content + Search + Social Inform the Customer Journey

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Remember the 96% Rule

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If you want success, learn this. Let it drive everything you do.

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Prospects come for a reason They have a problem or they need information. Live for 8 seconds. Don’t make the copy on your website or your blog posts about you, make it about them. Understand the 96% rule. Give them something of value in exchange for what you value. Look at the home page of your website as soon as we’re done here. Is it 100% clear what problems they have that you solve? If not, go fix that. @shellykramer

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Can you see this? Can you use it?

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Making Opting In a Breeze Sidebar Lightbox popup after x amount of time on site Header or Footer In the content itself, at the bottom On your Resources page, where you offer other things of value

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Use short, intuitive forms

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What Does Your Research Show? What do they talk about online with regard to your product, service, industry, niche, problems, etc.? What do they need? What motivates them? What do they really care about? What makes them laugh? How to get there? Search volume and language, social listening, social interaction, insights from your sales team and customers.

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Let’s Talk About Underwear

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Understand why they like you

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Appreciate them

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Know your audience

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Feed their desire to be a part of the experience

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Understand Triggers + Pain Points Learn (I have a problem, something has to change) Solve (How should I solve that problem?) Compare (Am I solving the problem in the right way?) Purchase (Help me build the business case so that I can buy this from you and make my life easier)

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Let’s Talk About Bleachers What NOT to do Company XYZ’s Tip and Roll Bleachers are Great! Standard Height Sports Bleachers XYZ’s Preferred Bleachers are the Best! Park & Playground Professionals Choose Deluxe Bleachers from XYZ Bleacher Company Maximize Your Seating Capacity With Low Rise Bleachers from XYZ Bleachers

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Let’s Talk About Bleachers What TO do How You Can Tip Seating Space Limitations in Your Favor Safety and Security: Top of Mind for Seating Procurement Pros Preferred Bleachers: Are They Really Any Better? Parks + Playground Officials: What You Need to Know About Choosing Bleachers 5 Seating Solutions That Maximize Seating Capacity

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Let’s Talk Triggers + Messages Trigger: Providing safe seating for fans with disabilities is a priority for me. Message: Venues can leverage ADA compliant seating solutions to make event venues more popular, not to mention safe and fun for all.

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Let’s Talk Triggers + Messages Trigger: How can I pick the right kind of seating solutions to solve safety problems before they happen? Message: ADA compliant seating solutions can help reduce safety issues and protect you and your fans.

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Let’s Talk Triggers + Messages Trigger: What is XYZ Company’s track record for this solution and why should I go with them? Message: XYZ Company has been providing ADA compliant seating solutions to clients for the past twenty years. Learn more about specific applications and solutions to space challenges in our case studies.

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Let’s Talk Triggers + Messages Trigger: What type of value and ROI can I expect? Message: Over 95% of customers who purchased ADA compliant seating solutions from XYZ Company experienced increased event revenues and experienced a reduction in safety incidents in the first year after installation.

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Type of Content: Awareness Video (fun and informational) Infographics Content for your blog, guest blog posts Top 10 lists (others) eBooks, Playbooks, Guides Social channel interaction (curation and original content + real conversation + sharing) *Should be designed to inform, entertain, delight, challenge

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Awareness KPIs Traffic/Page Views/Time On Site Content Downloads Inbound Links/Page Rank Fans/Followers Mentions/Comments/Shares

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Type of Content: Consideration Quizzes + Widgets (do I need this solution?) Press Releases eNewsletters Webinars, Demo Videos Whitepapers, Analyst Reports Interactive Demos (letting you get closer) Customer Testimonials, Data Sheets

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Consideration KPIs Open/Click-Thrus Inquiries/Database Growth Form Submission Rate Funnel Conversion (Stage Change)

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Type of Content: Close Trend Reports Press Releases In-Person Events Feature Guides, Case Studies Customer Testimonials Reference Checklists ROI Calculators Pricing Guides

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Close KPIs Qualified/Accepted Leads Meeting With Sales Opportunities Active Pipeline/Pipeline Value Closed Sales

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Don’t Be a Commodity: Stay Connected to Them After the Sale Email Newsletter Featured stories Social media Blog content Video Cross-sell, Upsell

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Step Up Your Game Make every part of your integrated marketing strategy customer centric. Make Sure Your Website Works Accept that SEO, Content + Social all have to work together, any one alone will fail Know Your Audience. Care about them. Serve Them Let Data Drive Strategy Focus on Creating + Curating Great Content Tie Social and Content to Business Initiatives Leverage Content + Social to Drive Leads + Sales Test, Measure, Test, Tweak, Test, Measure, Test

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Your Website? Does the content read the way your prospects talk or did your nerdy developers write it? Ease of information acquisition. What’s the mobile experience like for prospects? Is the path to information experience intuitive? What do other people say? Pricing information included? Clear CTAs?

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Know That This is a Dynamic Process Learn where and how your customers are engaging in the customer journey Identify who they are by what content they interact with See where your content falls short Test what offers/formats/channels are most effective (A/B Testing) Connect marketing team with sales team

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Content Marketing Is Not … A campaign. It’s a way of thinking, a fundamental business strategy and you can’t fake it. It’s a completely different way of doing things. And it works. @shellykramer

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How do I know I’m doing it right? Is it good for people? @shellykramer

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All that really matters?

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Shelly Kramer Shelly@v3im.com @ShellyKramer

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Stalk Me, Anytime Shelly@V3im.com +Shelly Kramer LinkedIn Shelly DeMotte Kramer twitter.com/shellykramer facebook.com/shellykramer www.v3im.com