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THE FUTURE OF A BRAND Joanna Lord VP of Marketing @joannalord #SIC2014 #makelove

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Things have changed.

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Things have changed.

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What makes a brand today?

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“Driven by ever more demanding customers, pushed by emerging market competitors, and inspired by companies like Apple, many businesses are re-discovering the power of creativity and design, increasing investment in innovation, and trying to better understand how brands drive their business.” Millward & Brown

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Top brands of today.

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Top brands of today: Nike.

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Top brands of today: Google.

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So how do they do it?

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It’s time to rethink the responsibility of a brand.

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Present a value exchange beyond the product.

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Create intelligent connections.

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“Marketers will start contextualizing their data, drawing even richer insights, and using those insights to create not just more relevant, personalized campaigns, but experiences. In short, 2014 will be the year that marketers begin to turn big data into smart data.” - Melissa Parrish, Forrester

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Are agile.

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“Simplify, grow, everyday.”

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Empowers consumers & build a brand with them.

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It’s all about “permission marketing.” Which is shorthand for understanding the boundaries for brands in a world where customers are in control. We believe the next step along this curve will be the notion of digital permission: the granting of rights by customers within the digital world.” - Seth Godin

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Understands loyalty & reciprocity.

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Choice is changing. “The two key drivers of brand value are choice (role of brand) and loyalty (brand strength). Both are significantly affected by the post-digital world. Purchase decisions are becoming more fluid, better informed, and dynamic. There is always someone a “step ahead” of you, and easy access to other user experiences and long-term opinions affects the assumptions of loyalty. Both of these trends provide significant opportunities for marketers, and brand experience hold the key to maximizing the opportunities. Harvard Business Review

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“Starbucks was founded around the experience and the environment of their stores. Starbucks was about a space with comfortable chairs, lots of power outlets, tables and desks at which we could work and the option to spend as much time in their stores as we wanted with any pressure to buy. The coffee was incidental.” - Simon Sinek

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“the coffee was incidental.”

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The biggest brands of tomorrow get this.

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And they are set up to succeed.

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Is your brand set up to stand out?

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It’s not what you promise, it’s what you deliver.

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#SIC2014 #makelove THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? Joanna Lord VP of Marketing @joannalord