Forging Your Online Presence

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Forging Your Online Presence

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Presented by: Judi Knight newtricks.com @judiknight

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Google Yourself What will people see? What will people think?

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Own Your Search Page Website Facebook Business Page Google+ Local Business Page Pinterest Instagram Twitter

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Customers Do Research In 2010 checked 5.3 sources by 2014, 10.4 sources

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You Need a Good Website

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Facebook is not Enough Need More than a Facebook Page Digital Sharecropping Own your own web space.

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Facebook Rules Change Fall 2013, 10 - 12% reach April 2014, 1 - 2% reach Lifespan of a FB post: ? total reach happens within 30 minutes of posting

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You have just seconds . . . Am I in the right place? 1.Look good - site must depict your brand in design, style and content. 2. Visitors must understand what you do.

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Create “Know Like and Trust” for Raving Fans People do business with people. Be authentic. Show and tell story. Let them know who you are. Don’t use bad stock images.

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58% of all businesses Blog on their websites. Builds Authority, Expertise and Connection Blog

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Google rewards companies who create content and provide the best online information, with higher search results. Search Engine Optimization

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Website as Hub of Marketing

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Social Drives to Your Website

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Social Media Follow Buttons on each page. Share Buttons after all of your post content.

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Social Media Facebook Like Box increases FB page likes.

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Keep Them Coming Back Want return visitors? Send Blog Posts to Your List Build Your List! Email Service Providers Mail Chimp Account Mad Mimi FeedBurner

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Serious about Marketing? Website

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Why WordPress? WordPress now powers 22% of all websites. It is open source software. Huge community develops it, creates themes and plugins & teaches people about it through Meetups and WordCamps and online tutorials. Once customized it is very easy to add content and new functionality. 1000s of Themes free or premium. 1000s of plugins which add functionality.

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Comes in two types: WordPress.com - which is free and it is hosted for you by Automattic. You don’t need domain or hosting. Good for a basic blog. Has limitations for businesses and revenue.

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Comes in two types WordPress.org – Also free but full version. You need to buy hosting and a domain name. Install free through hosting company. Customization is limitless. Most likely need designer to set it up but you can add to it and blog.

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Galleries or eCommerce Use Images Large Images Consistent Backgrounds Categorize

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Mobile Responsive Optimized for Mobile and Tablets.

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Good, clean design that reflects the quality of your brand for desktop and mobile. Create great, helpful, interesting content with nice images. Share your posts and engage with your audience on the right social media sites. Build list & send out an email newsletter. Optimize pages/posts for keyword phrase. The Secret Sauce

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