The Future of Content Marketing

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The Future of Content Marketing Michael Brenner NewsCred – Head of Strategy @BrennerMichael

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Great marketing is great storytelling

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Today’s always-on, connected world presents a huge challenge and an opportunity for Brands

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We need to connect with our audience through stories people love!

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Today we are all connected

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Buyer Journey Has Changed Source: CEB

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“Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left!” Seth Godin, 2008

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The Internet - Mosaic browser 1993

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The first online banner ad - 1994

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Newspaper Advertising Revenue: Adjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2013

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Banners 4 X more likely to be struck by lightning 31 X more likely to win the lottery 475 X more likely to survive a plane crash 31% banners “unviewable” (Comscore) 50% mobile banner clicks accidental (Goldspot Media) Kraft rejects 75% -85% of banners due to quality (AdAge)

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60-70% of marketing content goes completely unused. (Sirius Decisions)

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73% of people surveyed wouldn’t care if the brands they use disappeared from their life. (Co.Exist)

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The half-life of a piece of content shared on top social networks is 3 hours. (Half-life is the amount of time it takes content to reach 50% of the clicks it will ever receive). Source: Bit.ly

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80% of CEOs unsatisfied with CMOs (Fournaise Group)

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Marketing has a marketing problem!

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Unique Point of View Trap How brands can become consumed with their story, not their customers.

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“Brands need to take the phrase ‘acting like a publisher’ literally.” Dietrich Mateschitz, Founder and CEO Red Bull

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Effective Content Marketers Document content strategy Consistently publish quality content Track Content Marketing ROI Map content to buyer journey Balance Paid, Owned, Earned Media

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Effective Content Marketers Ineffective Content Marketers No Strategy 3% 41% Has a Content Marketing Strategy 54% Documented Content Marketing Strategy 44% No Strategy 44% Has a Content Marketing Strategy Documented Content Marketing Strategy 11%

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12/11/2014 28 2. Consistently Publish Quality Content

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Boost credibility, publishing cadence and direct traffic with a high-volume of fully-licensed, compliant content. Share on-brand stories which are created specifically for you. Leverage snackable content through UGC that engages your target audience. Licensed Content Custom Content Social Content

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12/11/2014 30 3. Track Content Marketing ROI

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“Content Marketing ROI is 4X our traditional marketing spend.” ~ Julie Fleischer, Kraft

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4. Map content to the buyer journey

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Analyze Content by Buyer Stage Late-Stage Content 66% Middle-Stage Content 28% Early-Stage Content 6%

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Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015 5. Balance Paid, Owned, Earned Media

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FROM Content about us Content for social Disconnected digital channels Campaign-driven content TO Customer-centric storytelling Content at the core of everything Brand content hubs / publishers Continuous “culture of content” What will change in 2015?

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The Future of Content Marketing is Informative

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The Future of Content Marketing is Visual

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The Future of Content Marketing is Shareable

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The Future of Content Marketing is Entertaining

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Strategies for content marketing success in 2015 Document goals and commit to measure ROI Volume, Value and Variety Map content to your customer’s journey Focus on visual, social, fun (headlines) Start with owned, earned then paid

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Your audience wants stories. Will you give it to them? @BrennerMichael

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