By Julien Barbier, Sr Dir of Growth, Marketing & Community at Docker – 11/20/2014 – 1h presentation

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By Julien Barbier, Sr Dir of Growth, Marketing & Community at Docker – 11/20/2014 – 1h presentation

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About me Julien Barbier 2004-2008: Software engineer (Epitech 2006) & Product Manager (Paris, France) 2008-2012: Entrepreneur (Paris, France & Miami, FL) Oct 2012-now: co-Founder of #while42 (International French Tech Engineers Network, 1500+ members in 30+ chapters around the World) Oct 2012-now: Sr Director of Growth, Marketing & Community at Docker (ex-dotCloud, San Francisco, CA) Contact me: julien@docker | @julienbarbier42

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What is Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure

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The 5 important steps of your funnel Acquisition Getting visitors to your website Getting the product in front of the users Activation Signing up Make users actually use your product for the first time Retention Make users use your product more More often Revenue Monetize users or visitors Referral Getting people (in any of the above steps) to refer others

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FIRST: Track and monitor EVERYTHING Track and measure EVERYTHING If it is useless now, it WILL be useful later Integrate tracking and metrics EVERYWHERE Should be part of your product release cycles Should be part of every offline & online marketing campaign Measure the impact of every change, update, new feature, campaign, tweet, meetup, event, press release… Be DATA DRIVEN!

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The most well know Growth Hack of all time

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Hotmail – PS: I love you Launch in July 1996 Marketing = buy billboards and radio ads PS: I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail 18 months later, Hotmail had 12M+ users and got acquired by MSFT

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Ok but, we are not Hotmail You could be! Let’s growth hack NOW! :)

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PilesMoinsCher.com You buy a battery = 0.05 EUR You sell a battery = 0.90 EUR People usually buy only one battery Average sell = 0.90 EUR Average profit per sell = 0.85 EUR Huge stocks for small sell volumes What would you do to increase the average sell and solve this?

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PilesMoinsCher.com Average sell = 7.2 EUR Average profit = 6 EUR More volume so we could negotiate a better price with the suppliers

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PilesMoinsCher.com Adwords for “battery” is very expensive Conversion rate for “battery” is very low How do you solve this?

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PilesMoinsCher.com Target all references one by one Target every battery with ALL its references Exemple: AA is also LR6 Some batteries have hundreds of references The less used, the better conversion rate and the smaller the price on Adwords Go directly to the right product page Profits +80%

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1001espions.com Lots of visits, and re-visits but low conversion rate

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1001espions.com We added a live countdown timer on the shop Conversion rate +9%

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1001sacoches.com Visitors would register, add items to their cart, and then leave How growth hack this?

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1001sacoches.com We had their email address We knew what they wanted So… 1. we sent them a reminder => +5% conversion rate 2. if they still don’t buy, we sent them a promo-code for the item they like => + another 10% conversion rate

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Docker We target Hacker News You want to be on the front page as many times as possible You want to be part of the conversation as soon as possible But there is not tracking tool so you don’t know When to upvote Where to go How do we solve this?

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Build your own tools You are engineers! You can build tools. No other marketers can. We built HNWatcher.com We are pinged all the time someone talks about Docker (or a competitor…) We have lots of sorties on the front page We can join the conversation right away, help people, and have the right messaging out there +200% UV

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HNWatcher.com Track keywords and more on Hacker News Users register, setup their keywords They receive links to great articles and comments And never come back to the website How do you get more visits?

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HNWatcher.com Iframe the links and add social buttons to share them Traffic +300% Signups +30%

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Docker Docker Global Hack Day #2 1500+ hackers in 30+ cities The community votes for the winners How to growth hack this?

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Docker Teams need to produce a video and a description => User content creation, good SEO Community votes for the best hack via Social Media => Thousands of tweets, Likes and g+1 => Effective reach over 3M only on Twitter

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Last advice Do not prioritize Growth Hacking over UX

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Imagination & time are the only two limits to growth hacking “'Imagination is more important than knowledge”

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Thank you! Any questions? Ping me to chat more about Growth Hacking: julien@docker.com @julienbarbier42

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Don’t miss: Marketing & Community at Docker Friday 12-Dec-2014, 11am to 12:30pm At Epitech Register here: http://www.meetup.com/Docker-Paris/events/218767372/ See you in December!