The Yin and Yang of Mobile Advertising

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The Yin and Yang of Mobile Advertising

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Piyush Shah VP, Products at InMobi InMobi World’s largest independent mobile advertising platform 872 mn unique users, 165 countries, 420 TB/month of data Funded by Softbank Japan, KPCB & Sherpalo Ventures Work with top App developers, Brands & Commerce clients globally 18 Nov 2014

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Yin & Yang – the right blend of Art & Science

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Yin in Mobile is… Art… Emotion…

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Yin in Mobile Gaming is… Designing for the ”right” user experience AND ‘protecting’ it

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Yin in Mobile Gaming is also…. Being aware of the ‘Emotional roller coaster’ your users are going through

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Yang in Mobile is… Device OS Browser Age Gender Ethnicity City/Zip Carrier POI Session Time Engagements User History App ownership Activity patterns Moods/Emotions In-app purchase behavior Life time value Understanding how your user context & data is a powerful ‘goldmine’

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Yang in Mobile is… Leveraging these data signals & building Consumer profiles is the SECRET sauce

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Yang in Mobile Gaming Loves casual games Loves “Bubble burst” games Loves “Endless runner” games Loves “Pattern matching” games Building granular user profiles based on ‘underlying’ gaming concepts

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How does this Yin & Yang come together for Mobile Monetization & User Acquisition ?

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Art – Preserved user experience by monetizing through InMobi’s Native Ads platform; NO banners Emotion – Blended different Ad experiences (Native Interstitial vs Video Ads vs Rewarded Video) with game; according to user’s emotions and ‘state of mind’. Reduced user fatigue by frequency capping & Ad rotation - # of ads shown at a session, daily or lifetime level Improved eCPM monetization by showing the most relevant ads (thru better targeting & prediction) based on overall consumer profile Case study: Game Monetization – ‘Endless runner game’

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Western countries Eastern countries Holiday season Rich media Static ads Targeted & optimized for the highest LTV users Users with preference for related game genre – e.g. Survival, Fantasy, Strategy, Action games Users that have shown high propensity to engage with similar ads thru lookalike targeting Negatively target existiing users & non- downloaders; Retarget high LTV users Dynamically changed bids based on LTV, creatives Provided a compelling creative experience – ‘Ads that users love’ Seasons, Festivals, Global events Time of day, place, 3G vs Wifi Culturally, Localised Case study: User Acquisition - Midcore game

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 It has the nature of life, namely, to connect organically the polar opposites, the stumbling blocks of logic, and to unite them in an all embracing rhythm. Lama Govinda Parting thought… Lets connect on Twitter! I’m @shahbuckler @InMobi