Digital Marketing Trends 2015

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Digital Marketing Trends 2015 Tools and techniques to grow your business Dr Dave Chaffey. SmartInsights.com Presented at the Smart Insights Digital Impact Conference, September 2014

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What does the future hold for digital marketers?

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Results from 600+ votes in our 2015 trends poll – thanks if you took part! See post 2015 Digital Marketing trends for discussion of 30 digital marketing tools

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Source: Ogilvy, TNS and Google Path to Purpose July 2014 Content Marketing Content Marketing Content Marketing

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Digital Natives ? Gen C are now mainstream Source: Infomentum: Generation C. June 2014 Generation C’s members are ‘digital natives’ who are always connected, communicating, computerised, community-orientated and always clicking. In general, they are realists and materialists as well as being culturally liberal, politically progressive and upwardly mobile. They own a plethora of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartTVs which are regularly updated and replaced. Our research found that two thirds purchase a new gadget every year, with nearly 80% admitting to buying the latest model even when the old one still works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4eZjhzFw8c

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How will technology support marketing in 2015? Source: Smart Insights Gartner Hype Cycle review

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~950 companies

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Marketing Backbone Platforms

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Marketing Backbone Platforms

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#1 Content curation Global content marketing at Unilever: $10m in savings with Percolate pilot Source: Percolate Unilever case study Example services: Percolate Curata Kapost

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#2: Content recommendation personalisation, retargeting and effectiveness review Example services: Idio Monetate Demandbase

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#3: Content distribution Example services: Hootsuite Sendible Oktopost GaggleAmp

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#4: Integrated SEO, Content and Social media management? Example services: Moz RavenTools AnalyticsSEO Source: Analytics SEO

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#5: API service integration and Hubs Example services: Marketo Act-on Salesforce/Exact Target

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Understanding consumer preferences and behaviours in 2015 The continued rise of the YouTuber Source: Channel Page video Broker

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Source: Ogilvy, TNS and Google Path to Purpose July 2014

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Global Q1 2014 Global users from Site catalyst tagged sites Adobe Social referral % from social networks by sector Adobe Social Intelligence report From Smart Insights Marketing Statistics compilation Q2 2014 New A social media backlash in 2015?

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#6: User Engagement and value optimisation Example services: Kissmetrics Mixpanel Ecommera Engagement analysis: Individual user: Kissmetrics Cohort analysis: Groups of users: Kissmetrics

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n Searches % Brand Reach Awareness and visits Unique visitors Bounce rate Revenue per visit Building intelligence into analytics E.G. RACE dashboard KPIs Volume Quality Value

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Coming soon – the Smart Insights RACE Digital Marketing Dashboard #7: Actionable Analytics and intelligence Example services: GA Intelligence Quill Engage Smart Insights Source: SmartInsights.com

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#8: From Conversion Optimization to Experience Optimization Example CRO testing services: Unbounce Optimizely Visual Website Optimizer Example Experience Management services: Adobe Experience Manager EPiServer Sitecore Source: Boston Consulting Group

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#9: Digital Channel Sales Optimisation Source: Clavis Insight / MIT Ecommerce Value Framework for Brands – July 2014

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Example services: Google Glass Apple Watch Facebook Rift #10: Wearables, Augmented and Virtual reality

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81% of large organizations have the equivalent of a chief marketing technologist Source: Gartner - HBR July-August 2014

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81% of large organizations have the equivalent of a chief marketing technologist

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Thank you All the best for your journey in 2015! Source: 7 Steps to Digital Transformation Infographic