How to be a Storytelling Superhero

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How to be a Storytelling Superhero Transformation is underway at the intersection of storytelling, social media and your mobile device. If you can see it, you’ll have access to the powers of a superhero. You could even become a superhero in your own right and can take your place in the Justice League. After all don’t we all want to save the world in our own special way? ” “ Alisa Miller, 2014

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Goals of the Superhero Framework Create a fun way to talk about digital storytelling and social media Capitalize on ‘storytelling superpowers’ Cut through digital noise pummeling every user Alisa Miller, 2014 1 2 3

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A ‘Storytelling Ecosystem’ is… ” “ A dense, dynamic network of story ‘molecules’ that helps individuals and organizations build meaning, belonging and usefulness. Alisa Miller, 2014

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Storytelling Ecosystems … Emerge from billions of interactions between individuals, brands, devices. Each new combination of story molecules can foster a sense of deeper meaning, connection, togetherness and usefulness. Shaped around social platforms (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest) in concert with other branded sites/experiences/applications. Each platform has its own strengths, vulnerabilities, participants and culture Dominant platforms possess “Superpowers” making them ecosystems with Superhero status Alisa Miller, 2014

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Why does this matter? Storytelling ecosystems are vitally important because they drive both breadth of reach and engagement with and between users. And reach and engagement are essential to building brands, impact, community, revenue, and overall growth. ” “ Alisa Miller, 2014

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Seven Storytelling Superpowers Telepathy. Reading minds is pretty cool. Co-Creating. Creating empowers. Combining content from amateurs, professional, and somewhere in between can be powerful. Narrative “Punch.” Drama makes the world go round. Nesting and Clustering. Discovery can be thrilling. Deep discover-ability that is built from a combination of who you follow, what you share and what you comment on and clip, save, and/or like. Cool, Powerful Tools and Gadgets. Gizmos make life better. By design, platforms/sites have useful features solve a problems that sometimes you didn't know you had. Morphing. Changing shape. Creating new compilations, and curations that can delight and have not been previously seen or offered before and delivering appreciable value. Organizing. Making good @#$% happen. Superpowers are enhanced when superheroes work together and with the public for the common good. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Alisa Miller, 2014

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The ‘Justice League’ of Storytelling Ecosystems Alisa Miller, 2014

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Up, Up and Away! So if you haven’t already, put on your cape, channel your inner superhero, jump in, experiment, learn and tap the collective storytelling force to make the world a better place, one story at a time! ” “ Alisa Miller, 2014

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