Cyber Monday 2015 Social Trends and Analysis

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Cyber Monday 2015 Social Trends and Analysis

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TOTAL POST VOLUME Mentions of Cyber Monday over the last 24hrs 466,230 731.4M Twitter impressions over the last 24hrs +376.6% post volume change from the previous day There were 206K mentions of #CyberMonday (Nov 30th, 2015)

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LEADING BRANDS Conversation increased 455.7% from the previous day Amazon accumulated 259.3M Twitter impressions over the last 24hrs 14.1K 3.4K +259.8% 7.8K +1093.7% Day-Over-Day % Change 8.6K +539.7%

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KEY TOPICS OF CONVERSATION 19K Retailers used social to promote deals of up to 40% off online. Consumers often tweeted about the stores where the best deals were. Security and online theft identification tips were shared on Twitter by major retailers and news media channels. Increased online traffic affected major retail sites, including Amazon. There were 93 unique tweets via @amazon during the last 24 hours. 2.3K 1.2K

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SENTIMENT The words “love” and “deals” were the most frequently used in association with Cyber Monday The majority of the negative posts were related to the slow internet connection and retailers complaining about major retailers online site’s crashes

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MEDIA CHANNELS Twitter accounted for 97.3% of all Cyber Monday mentions Most retweeted post: Justin Bieber promoting his new album, “Purpose” 731.4M impressions on Twitter in relation to Cyber Monday

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TOP PRODUCT MENTIONS 19.5% of all product mentions were related to clothing. Consumers were most often looking for great deals on sweaters, t-shirts, and shoes. Online deals for TV’s and phones were also frequently mentioned on Cyber Monday. Many consumers were looking for sales on Smart TV’s and Ultra HD TV’s. The most popular phones this year were Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6S, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S6.