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Websites will become a channel rather than an end-point #HWtrends

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The traditional funnel model for purchases has been flipped #HWtrends

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iOS has enabled ad blocking – but the industry isn’t ready #HWtrends

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2016 will be the year we finally stop targeting ‘millennials’ #HWtrends

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Marketers will rely less on content calendars, more on gut instinct #HWtrends

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Creating individual messages for every section of our audience #HWtrends

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Great marketing campaigns are about providing a service #HWtrends

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Consumers demand more experiences and less linear comms #HWtrends

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Values hold communities together, but they need to actioned #HWtrends

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As branding goes be cross-platform, so should messaging #HWtrends

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2016 is the year the industry gets it act together on online video #HWtrends

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New privacy laws coming to a legal team near you #HWtrends

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