Brand Power in the Digital Age

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Brand Power in the Digital Age 10 Years of BrandZ - The Rise of Digital Brands Istanbul – 26th November 2015

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Agenda 2 BrandZ The rise of digital brands in the Top 100 The rise of digital brands in Turkey Adopting digital Adopting digital in Turkey The digital challenge – a case study in banking The future

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BRANDZ is the largest brand database worldwide 4

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BRANDZ is underpinned by the an extensive consumer & customer research programme 5 IS BIG DATA 100K BRANDS 400 CATEGORIES 3m CONSUMERS 50 MARKETS 4.5bn DATA POINTS

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BRANDZ is the most robust ranking 6 GLOBAL STANDARD PUBLIC DATA VALIDATED Globally 3million+ consumers, 100,000+ brands, 50+ markets. Category specific, with cross category findings Entirely objective, direct-from-consumer COMPREHENSIVE & OBJECTIVE BRANDZ™ TOP 100 GLOBAL BRANDS BRANDZ™ TOP 100 CHINESE BRANDS BRANDZ™ TOP 50 LATAM BRANDS BRANDZ™ TOP 50 INDIAN BRANDS BRANDZ™ TOP 50 INDONESIAN BRANDS

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We believe that strong brands create optimal business success 7 Source: Proprietary BrandZ™ brand strength data; Bloomberg; Millward Brown analysis Millward Brown's analysis shows that companies with strong brands are able to grow their share prices more than companies with weak brands: BrandZ™ Strong Brands Portfolio Performance vs. S&P 500 vs. MSCI World Index

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The rise of Digital Brands in the Top 100

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Digital Brands in the BRANDZ Top 100 9 2015 2013 2011 2006 Source: BrandZ, 2105, MBV Analysis

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Drivers of digital brand success 10 Diversified portfolio of projects and areas of interest Focused on driving penetration Premiumisation of users is a relatively recent phenomenon Two types of players: Brands that moved real life operations into the digital world Brands that invented services that did not exist before and created new markets 2006 Source: BrandZ, 2105, MBV Analysis Financial performance 2014

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Value of Digital brands in the BRANDZ Top 100 11

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The rise of Digital Brands in Turkey

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Digital Brands in Turkey Turkey is among the world leaders in B2C E-Commerce growth Online audience is one of the most engaged in Europe – behind only the UK Turkey's Internet users are the youngest in Europe A quarter of all Internet users shop online The B2C E-Commerce market share of pure Internet players in Turkey is the highest in Europe

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Online mass merchants Amazon-style marketplace Attracted overseas investment Valued at over $400M Turkish subsidiary of eBay “Going, going, gone” Established in 2001

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Online fashion Leading online fashion retailer in Turkey with 2,000+ brands and 10million + users

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Private shopping club & celebrity From private shopping club to e-commerce vehicle Largest online fashion retailer in MENA Operates across Turkey, Australia, Ukraine, Korea, Greece, Poland

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Online food delivery & grocery “Food Cart” 3 million customers and 9,000 member restaurants in Turkey and Cyprus CEO shared his windfall with 114 employees –gave them $237k each Bought by Delivery Hero of Germany for $589M

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Adopting Digital

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Burberry brought the brand vision to life through a connected on- & offline experience Cohesive customer experience Upgraded all stores to become live versions of the website Digitalized to engage with Millennials Allocated 60% of the marketing budget to Digital media Created 3 new departments: Insights & Analytics, Social Media and Mobile Brought the creation of social media content in-house New products would be first launched online and only after that via traditional media, such as billboards Retained its heritage

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HSBC has moved into the digital space more aggressively than almost any other bank “How do our consumers want to engage with their bank?” “We’ll judge that in the advocacy of the brand and recommendation.”

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Tesco is the largest online grocer in the world

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Adoption of digital in fmcg is more difficult Product range Cocktails & recipes “Good times” Product range Grooming tips & Online videos New products

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Adopting digital in Turkey

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Adoption of digital to win nationally Leader in Turkish market Diversified and international portfolio Embraced implications of digital across its businesses

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Adoption of digital to win internationally Voted Europe’s best airline 4 years in a row More destinations than any other airline with 270+ destinations

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The digital challenge A CASE STUDY IN BANKING

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Digital is just another cycle in the innovation of banking 27 Digital innovations in banking industry created new markets that carry opportunities as well as threats for well established players… … but this is nothing new However, banks are pressing ahead with digital plans not only to win customers from their immediate rivals… … but also with an eye to the potential threat from Apple, Google and other tech giants. Source: FT, BBA report

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But the size and speed of change is striking 28 Source: FT, BBA report Visits to bank branches DOWN -30% Telephone banking DOWN -5% Online Loans 50% SHARE

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Banks have to keep adapting the way in which they adopt digital 29 LIFE STAGES OF DIGITAL CHALLENGE Technology-led cost reduction plays Digital as a tool for service and sales Digital as a way of offering tailored, relevant experiences Findings the right balance Source: BBA report, Bain & Co report Customers who interact with their banks through both digital and physical channels are: more engaged more loyal more likely to hold more products

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Digital is an opportunity as well as a challenge 30 Source: ThisisMoney, 2014 Consumer trust is driven by category norms And is still far more likely to reside in established businesses

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The future

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Disruption of digital An imminent launch in the UK b2c market: Fair and transparent, that acts in the best interest of its customers Technology that makes life easier and puts you in control A bank that is run for the benefit of its customers rather than for itself SME-focused challenger bank : Traditional banks failing to increase lending to SMEs There is growth - but it’s all going to internet banks Similar mindset

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The Future? Most categories are not fundamentally disrupted Most categories that are disrupted continue to deliver the same products and services Digital companies are there for the benefit of the consumer Digital results in a far more customer-centric business model But they may be disintermediated But they are accessed in a new way Not the benefit of the provider This is an existential challenge for businesses that do not want to change

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