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LOCALIZING CONTENT FOR A GLOBAL AUDIENCE What Every Content Marketer Should Know Sarah Mitchell Lush Digital Media @globalcopywrite @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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HELLO Sarah Mitchell @globalcopywrite @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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MAMAO Y TOTO @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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SHOW OF HANDS Global Brand Working at company headquarters Working in a regional office Doing business globally from single location @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Less than 6% of the world’s population speaks English well enough to conduct business. Consider this @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld AND YET…

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“Many of us treat the world-wide web like the Ohio web or the American English web. Marketers are overwhelmed and unprepared.” SCOTT ABEL, The Content Wrangler @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Over 60% of global marketers attending CMWorld USA (2103) admitted they have no strategy in place for global content marketing. Cloudwords Survey @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld That’s important because . . .

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“We’re inching closer to a linguistically local internet, in which people no longer have to leave their native languages to get where they want to go.” JOHN YUNKER, Global by Design blog @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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SO HOW DO YOU REACH THE OTHER 94%? @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld By making localization part of your global strategy

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld TRANSLATION IS NOT ENOUGH

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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“I’ve come across too many texts translated into a different language via Google Translate. Agencies selling ‘native speakers’ should sound warning bells.” NENAD SENIC, PM, poslovni mediji @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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“How to strike that balance between global and local is really an art and a science.” PAM DIDNER, Author, Global Content Marketing @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld LOCALIZING CONTENT It’s Complicated

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ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL The Grand Picture or The Big Picture @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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ADDRESSING Communication Effectiveness @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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“I might commence to spend provided that viable chopping it up that has a fellow geek, every one of the even though not selling anything.” @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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“October is the time of year when most companies lock in plans and budgets for next year.” #GLOBALFAIL marketing company @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Localization Equation (Translation + Localization) x Number of localities @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld Know Your Audience Tip

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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LOCAL CONSIDERATIONS Colors Holidays Sports Religion Fiscal Years Superstitions @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@TwitterHandle • #CMWorld PAPER Size of documents Hole Punches

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z vs. s er vs. re ‘or’ words medical terms SPELLING @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Quid • Buck • Dosh • Loonie SLANG @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Ute • Bakkie • Pickup SLANG GONE MAINSTREAM @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Same Word, Different Meanings Gong Football Rug Powerpoint @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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COLLOQUIALISMS Robot vs. Traffic light Speed bump vs. Sleeping policeman @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Units of Measure Engineering • Cooking • Pharmaceuticals @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Nickel • Dime • Quarter @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld CURRENCY EXPRESSIONS

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Sports Terminology Knocked for six That’s not cricket Hit a home run It’s in my wheelhouse @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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ACCENTS Do you need subtitles or voiceovers for your video content? @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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RELIGION @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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CUSTOMS @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Sister Rooms Theatre ED Medical Terms @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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13 @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld SUPERSTITION 4 8

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Don’t try to globalize ALL your content. Select key pieces. Focus on top 20% of your content INTEL METHOD @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld Collaborate, don’t legislate

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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Make sure everyone has skin in the game Budgets Accountability towards performance @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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“Think global, publish local.” @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld SARAH MITCHELL, Lush Digital Media

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Questions? Sarah Mitchell @globalcopywrite @globalcopywrite • #CMWorld

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@globalcopywrite • #CMWorld