What is Account-Based Marketing and Where Does Content Fit In?

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What is Account-Based Marketing And Where Does Content Fit In?! Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza #uberwebinar @uberflip Jon Miller CEO and Co-Founder, Engagio @jonmiller

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WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar J) #uberwebinar @uberflip

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WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar J) Join in on #uberwebinar @uberflip

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So What Is Account-Based Marketing? #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Different Demand Types Different Deal Types Require Different Types of Marketing Support AccountBased Marketing Demand Generation . ! ©2015 Engagio, Inc. All rights reserved #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“ Account-Based Marketing: A strategic approach that coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts —@jonmiller . ! ©2015 Engagio, Inc. All rights reserved #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Different Model Going After Target Accounts Requires an Account-Centric Focus “Person-centric” “Account-centric” •  Decision maker •  End users •  Influencers Up to 17 people influence enterprise purchases * (up from 10 in 2011) ! #uberwebinar @uberflip *2014 IDG Enterprise Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker survey

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Different Tactics You Need Targeted Tactics to Reach Specific People at Specific Accounts Inbound vs Outbound #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Land and Expand Often, The Best Account-Based Marketing Opportunities Are At Current Customers #uberwebinar @uberflip

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ROI of ABM “ABM Delivers The Highest ROI Of Any B2B Marketing Strategy Or Tactic” (ITSMA) How does ABM return on investment (ROI) compare to other marketing initiatives? % of Respondents (N=38) 42% Significantly higher 42% Somewhat higher About the same •  Focuses time and resources on accounts most likely to drive revenue (“zero waste”) •  Improves marketing-sales alignment •  Creates a better, more coordinated customer experience 16% ITSMA Account Based Marketing Survey, October 2013 #uberwebinar @uberflip

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The Next Big Thing? ABM Today is Like Like Lead Nurturing in 2008 Marketers know they need to do it, and are trying to figure out how “Your timing is very good, based on what we see happening at Sirius. We launched an ABM practice in response to a groundswell.” “Account based marketing is red hot...several attendees named account based marketing as their top priority right now” “…it’s clear that we’ve passed the fad phase of ABM’s most recent comeback. Now, we’re solidly in the trend phase.” Google Trends “Sales has been doing account selling for years; marketing is now sophisticated enough to do some of the same tactics at scale.” ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Account-Based Marketing Best Practices #uberwebinar @uberflip

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#FlipMyFunnel ABM DEMAND GEN ABM Planning Starts With The Account, Not the Offer #uberwebinar What do we want to say? (offers) Where should we say it? (channels) Who should we say it to? (segments) Who are we trying to reach? (accounts) What should we say? (content) Where should we say it? (channels) @uberflip

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Who Account-Based Marketing Where #uberwebinar @uberflip What

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Pick Target Accounts Level 1: Reps Self-Select Level 2: Basic Data Level 3: Advanced Data Level 4: Predictive Analytics Tip: Limit list turnover (e.g. 25% per quarter) #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Identify Contacts Build Your Database With the Right Contacts for Each Persona at Target Accounts Manual Purchase Predictive Representative companies; not exhaustive #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Who Account-Based Marketing Where #uberwebinar @uberflip What

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What What Does Sales Want From Marketing? New relationships: •  Accurate and clean contacts •  Air cover (awareness) •  Access and coverage (e.g. engagement heat map) •  Meetings (where person knows why they are meeting) Insights: •  Research: org chart, budget, initiatives, priorities •  Timeline: what’s gone to each customer, their status, etc. •  Reasons to call •  Account specific content “A meaningful and real relationship with the decision-makers + relationship with all significant decision influencers + understanding of the dynamics of the specific customers' business.” #uberwebinar @uberflip

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With #ABM you need to knock on people’s doors. - @jonmiller ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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#uberwebinar @uberflip

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Opt out, tune out, toss out ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Not Interruption Marketing Outbound Does Not Mean Interruption Account-based marketing applies best concepts from demand generation to outbound prospecting: •  Helpful and valuable •  Focused on the buyer, not the company Personalized and relevant •  Highly measurable •  Continuously improving •  @uberflip Content driven •  #uberwebinar •  Deep sales and marketing alignment

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Great ABM Requires Great Customer Knowledge “ A structured approach to developing and implementing highlycustomized marketing campaigns to markets of one. – ITSMA #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Custom Content Use Custom Content to Get Into Accounts “Stories that the right people in your targeted companies would actually like to read and share.” – Freya News “75% of executives will read unsolicited marketing materials that contain ideas that might be relevant to their business.” – ITSMA #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Content is King ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Internet Person! Awareness! Top of the funnel Problem! Middle of the funnel Solution! @uberflip Purchase! Bottom of the funnel Marketing Qualified Lead! #uberwebinar Short List! Sales Follow Up! Implement!

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Internet Person! Awareness! Top of the funnel Problem! Middle of the funnel Solution! Bottom of the funnel Marketing Qualified Lead! #uberwebinar @uberflip Short List! Purchase! Implement! Big black void where bad things happen. Sales Follow Up!

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Internet Person! Awareness! Problem! I think I have a problem, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Solution! Got it! Now I need to research my options. Short List! Purchase! So many solutions! I’ll evaluate the top three. Marketing & Sales Lead Qualification! Content Marketing & Sales Enablement Content! #uberwebinar @uberflip Implement! Did I make the right choice? How do I get more value?

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Figure out what kind of content they need. Align content creation with insight from sales. ! Address (and reinforce) common pain points. ! Create content that manages objections. ! Customize content that proves to be effective. ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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ü  Customize whitepaper to target specific accounts ü  Personalize videos with customized intro / outro and calls-to-action ü  Revamp case studies to align with account targeting ü  Create a content library of relvant blog posts that can be tailored to specific accounts or “account (audience) segments” #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Questions to Ask ü  What are the objections of each decision maker in the buying process? ü  What are the main drivers for each decision maker? ü  What conversations are the decision maker’s having during the evaluation process? ü  What insights can we glean from current customers? #uberwebinar @uberflip

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#uberwebinar @uberflip

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Who Account-Based Marketing Where #uberwebinar @uberflip What

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Channels Commonly Used ABM Tactics Events • Owned events • Partner events • Third-party events Outbound • Prospecting (SDR) • Email • Phone • Social • Direct mail / dimensional mailer Digital • Ads •  IP-based ads •  Retargeting (persona-based ads) •  Facebook / Twitter ads •  LinkedIn ads • Web personalization • Paid lead gen #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Orchestration: It’s not about any one tactic; it’s the MIX of touches that drives success. ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Example ABM Plays Open the Door • Get relationship with cold account •  •  #uberwebinar Accel-erator • Increase deal velocity and win rate Human Nurture • Stay in touch with helpful touches 63% connect rate, 5% opportunity rate $13,000 investment, $200,000+ revenue @uberflip Meetings Creator Account Qualifier • Schedule meetings at an event • Follow-up on inbound interest

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TAILOR THE CONTENT EXPERIENCE #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Content must organized so that buyers and your sales team to find. Spoon feed if necessary. Your Content Top of the Funnel By Topic #uberwebinar Middle of the Funnel By Type @uberflip Bottom of the Funnel By Vertical By Persona By Segment By Account

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#uberwebinar @uberflip

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L Generic #uberwebinar @uberflip

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J Tailored #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Personalized message Relavent content & CTAs #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Metrics for ABM #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Waterfall is Insufficient It’s called “business to business”, not “business to lead” @jonmiller #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“ Don’t count the people you reach; reach the people that count. – David Ogilvy #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“Big 5” ABM Metrics (1) Coverage Do you have sufficient data, opt-in contacts, and account plans for each target account? #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“Big 5” ABM Metrics (2) Awareness Which target accounts have any awareness of us? Are they visiting the website? #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“Big 5” ABM Metrics (3a) Engagement Are the right people at the account spending time with your company, is that engagement going up over time? #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“Big 5” ABM Metrics (3b) Engagement Are the right people at the account spending time with your company, is that engagement going up over time? Marketing Qualified Account (MQA): An account (or discrete buying center) that has reached enough aggregate engagement. #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“Big 5” ABM Metrics (4) Program Impact FOCUS % of successes from target accounts Are marketing programs reaching the target accounts? How much waste is there? COVERAGE % target accounts with a success #uberwebinar @uberflip

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“Big 5” ABM Metrics (5) Influence How are the ABM activities improving sales outcomes such as deal velocity,win rates, average contract values, retention, and net promoter scores •  •  @uberflip “Accounts with >three engaged contacts = 15% higher contract values.” •  #uberwebinar “Top 25% engagement = 18% faster sales cycles.” “Accounts that attended that dinner = 16% more movement to next opp stage.”

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ABM Market Map Content Interactions Orchestration Measurement Identify target accounts and contacts Understand what is relevant and resonant at account (triggers, priorities, etc.) Create accountspecific content and messaging to use in outreach Manage 1:1 account-specific interactions in channel – Events, Outbound, Digital (ads, web) Orchestrate intelligent account plans across teams and channels Show impact of ABM efforts: coverage, awareness, engagement, impact, influence Direct #uberwebinar @uberflip Complementary Web SDR Sales Paid Data Insights Ads Insights Predictive Selection

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Download slides and get bonus ABM eBook at: engagio.com/slides ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Tweetable Takeaways •  Account-based marketing coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to land and expand named accounts •  ABM delivers the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic •  Outbound does not necessarily mean interruption; use account-specific content to reach out •  There is no magic campaign; success comes from a mix of integrated tactics •  Leads are insufficient to measure account-based marketing; measure via coverage, awareness, engagement, impact & influence #uberwebinar @uberflip @jonmiller

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QUESTION TIME! Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza Jon Miller CEO and Co-Founder, Engagio @jonmiller hub.uberflip.com #uberwebinar @uberflip

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