The Anatomy of Marketing Campaigns That Work

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Marketers live and breathe marketing campaigns. A lot of effort is put into them... BEST OFFERS ROI RESPONSE RATE GO LIVE BLAST CUSTOMER RETENTION OPT-IN

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and yet, not all campaigns turn out satisfactory. BEST OFFERS LOSS RESPONSE RATE GO LIVE FAIL OPT-OUT CHURN

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How can we turn the tide?

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Here is the anatomy successful marketing campaigns… of

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Each customer has unique preferences and needs.

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Marketers need to take these into account and personalise their offers to the customers.

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$ $ $ The more personalised an offer is, the higher the chance of conversion. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

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Delivered through the right channel

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Multichannel communication has become the norm for both customers and marketers.

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However, it doesn’t mean you should blast your campaigns to all possible channels to reach the customers. MAILBOX

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Instead, identify the right channel by considering the customer preference data to make sure you reach your customers through their preferred channels. MAILBOX

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Targeting right timing

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No matter how good an offer is, if it’s delivered at a wrong time, it will be less likely to be taken up. HOME 99 00:00 GUEST 101

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Marketers need to be able to identify, through data analytics, when the best timing is… 00:05 HOME GUEST 99 101

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… and deliver the offer at the right time, in order to maximise the conversion rate. 00:02 HOME GUEST 102 101 INNER! W

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When you interact with your customers, you need to go by their rules. Book an Appointment Meet with our team at a time that fits your schedule. First Name John Surname Doe Contact No. 1 2345 6789 E-mail Address johndoe@email.com Preferred Contact Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Preferred Contact Time 09:00 - 11:00 11:01 - 13:00 13:01 - 15:00 15:01 - 17:00 Out of working hours

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If they prefer the interaction to be outside of business hours, you have to be able to deliver that to avoid opportunity loss. 0 :0 10 AM t us Tr nk Ba e in cl De pt ce Ac

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Because an opportunity loss is an opportunity cost. 2 :0 10 AM ed iss M ll Ca

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Delivered at scale

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Personalisation is not an extra add-on, it’s an expectation from the customers. In a lot of cases, millions at once.

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Marketers should be able to answer those needs at the best time and through the best channel. GOOD MORNING OVEN FRESH BAK ING

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Marketing automation is the key to achieve delivery of personalised campaigns at scale.

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There’s no denying that today’s customers are more demanding. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP UP …before your competitors do.

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