Predictive Analytics: The Future of Social Media

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Predictive Analytics The future of Social Media David Uribe - Global VP/Creative Director at Asylum Marketing LLC Co-founder & CMO at smartBeemo LLC Miami Ad School Professor @david_digital

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Digital made everything measurable…

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Then it became a constant transformation

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Now, we just cannot agree on what success is…

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Because we’re focused on numbers, forgetting than numbers are the consequence… not the cause.

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Do we want to know/see numbers or identify behaviors?

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How do you measure qualitative behaviors then?

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BIG DATA “Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patter ns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.” 1 1: Source: Google

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What is the right method to find those patterns? We’re not even looking for them. Client/Boss happy = Happy agency.

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Digital Mktg 2015: Data rich - Insights poor

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Introducing: Predictive Analytics

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Intelligent Data vs Big Data Data - Patterns - Actions

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How do we find valuable patterns?

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Key: Mathematical Attribution Value to qualitative data (behavioral metrics) and enter the equation. P = n * b (f) / t To find patterns: Mix quantitative (n) data with qualitative (b) data by attributing a value to what you can’t directly measure / timeframe (t)

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Existing metric vs Creating a new metric Welcome to the metrics revolution

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Example I The social voice of a brand model Content Pillar A Content Pillar B Content Pillar C Content Pillar D = 7+% Sustained Engagement 30% 30% 30% Timeframe 10%

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Example II Dynamic Fluctuating Weighing System (DFWS) Topic A: Product 33% Topic B: Gym 33% Topic C: Lifestyle 33%

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Example III smartBeemo’s scoring metric Likes = 1 Comments = 3 Shares = 7 Now predict B*#ch!! Fav = 1 Rep = 3 RT = 7

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Example IV View-ability engagement metric VEM = topic (x3) * ER * ATS / Tribe ER = L + C Avg time spent = #” Tribe = Targeted audience

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Predicting is better than guessing

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Science/Math rule the world It’s time for scientific social media marketing

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Predict influential content Set the trend $

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Let’s not forget the essentials...

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Content: SoMe Marketing has to be

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Meet the Bee-mo Team www.smartbeemo.com

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Thank you! david@smartbeemo.com @david_digital

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