How to Rock a Professional Social Presence, with Authenticity at the Heart

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How to Rock a Professional Social Presence, with Authenticity at the Heart The Wedge Asia, Wednesday 14 October 2015 Andrea Edwards, Head of Content Marketing & Training Novus Asia @AndreaTEdwards /CommunicatingAsiaPacific /AndreaEdwardsAsia www.AndreaTEdwards.com

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Important stats 15% of people trust recommendations from brands 84% trust recommendations from people they know Reference: wersm

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Supporters Creators Lurkers The 1/9/90 % rule applies Be in the top 10%

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What is personal branding? It’s you. It’s what you stand for. It’s what you believe in. It’s how you think. It’s how you act. It is you packaged up and presented to the world online

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Define your voice What do you want to be known for?

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Link your brain & your heart Bring your whole person to work

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Define your why for being on social media. This is the reason you’ll keep coming back

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Find great content aligned to your voice

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Create your own content Blog Video-log Draw Design Create Photograph

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Giving economy

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Social is about sharing your knowledge / passion with the world It’s about what you give NOT what you get Be positive / constructive criticism Be wary of overdoing it Participate, support, celebrate others Be completely authentic Earn people’s respect & trust Be patient – it takes time Beware the advice you get

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You are a…. Nurture, it, protect it, value it and make sure it stands for something remarkable. Understand its value to your business – which goes both ways

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