The Tech Marketer Content Survival Guide: 2 Important Rules to Live By

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ntent That Sells – And Keeps Selling Co UUIDVIVAL S G R EBOOK A FO R TE CH M ARKE RS TE Part One Two Important Rules to Live By At this point, it’s becoming common knowledge that the tech purchase journey is long, winding and involves many, many people. But in order to locate these tech customers in a meaningful way, the relationship you build and the content you share will help you on your journey as a marketer. In part 1 of this infographic, we’ll shine a light on two essential rules to guide you on the road to create #winning content for every stage of the tech purchase journey. TEC-BYR RULE #1 Make all your content toolkit interactive, simple, accurate and unbiased. 45 % of tech marketers say content creation and management is their second most successful tactic.¹ The most effective tech content tools are1: 77 69 % 67 % Case studies % White papers 63 % Webinars Videos 61 % Research reports The most essential content is: Interactive. Interactive content has more fuel to convert buyers – in fact, it converts buyers moderately or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content.² Simple. A major obstacle cited by 80% of ITDMs is being able to find quality information that is not “overloaded” with jargon and confusing wording.² Accurate and unbiased. 72% of ITDMs cite “reliable and accurate content or information” as being important.³ 69% point to “straightforward, unbiased coverage” as a top characteristic.² RULE #2 REACH NURTU RE Know what content your tech buyers need at each critical phase of the sales funnel. ACQUIR E Reach! Tech buyers need to become familiar with you and your product. Step 1 Your content should highlight: Trends, strategies, management and technologies² Blogs and newsletters (particularly helpful now)4 74 % of buyers choose the company that’s the first to add value to their buying vision.5 Nurture! Tech buyers need to discover more about your product and refine their short list. Step 2 Your toolkit should focus on: Demos, best practices, how-to’s and checklists.6 67 % of tech decision makers are more likely to consider a brand that educates them about a solution throughout each stage of the buying process.6 Step 3 Collect! Tech buyers need to validate their final purchase decision. Your content should focus on: ROI tools, calculators and product demos6 Solution videos and detailed tech guides4 Reviews and case studies6 This is the best opportunity to hook the customer and deliver the exact solution they need! TO BE CONTINUED Stay tuned for part 2 of this infographic and discover what important Rule #3 is. We promise that the tech buyer journey doesn’t end here! http://lnkd.in/SurvivalGuide ¹ UBM Tech 2015 Tech Marketing Priorities Study, October 2014 | ² Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey: Benchmarks for Content and The Buyer’s Journey. June 2014. Demand Metric Research Corporation ³ http://www.marketingcharts.com/online/it-decision-makers-top-content-needs-49754/ | 4 http://eccolomedia.com/eccolo-media-2015-b2b-technology-content-survey-report-vol1.pdf 5 SAVO Techniques of Social Selling: Just Do It! 2014 | 6 Nurturing the IT Committee, August 2014

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