User Reviews: Your Best Kept Content Marketing Secret

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User Reviews: Your Best Kept Content Marketing Secret! Emilie Hamel Customer Success Specialist, Uberflip @emilieHamel #uberwebinar @uberflip Vinay Bhagat Founder & CEO, TrustRadius @vinaybhagat

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WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar J) #uberwebinar @uberflip

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WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar J) Join in on #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Who’s Vinay? Serial entrepreneur §  §  §  Founded Convio, SaaS for nonprofits IPO, then acquired for $325 million in 2012 Now, Founder & CEO, TrustRadius Outside work §  §  Father of two young kids Loves travel, wine, squash #uberwebinar @uberflip

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About TrustRadius TrustRadius is the leading research platform for business software based on authentic, in-depth reviews. We help buyers to make better, confident software selections and vendors to scale and harness user reviews to increase sales. #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Agenda Why invest in user reviews? - Role of user reviews in the buyer’s journey How to leverage reviews to accelerate sales - On-site conversion - Demand generation and sales enablement Scaling and sustaining a strong review presence - Best practices for building a best in-class program #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Buyers Doing More Homework #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Seek Peer Input At All Stages #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Search is Key 78% start with search and of those 60% search for peer reviews Source: Google/Compete Tech B2B Customer Study, 2012. (Sample of N=1028 Tech B2B customers who use search to research Tech Tech products) #uberwebinar @uberflip

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All Content Is Not Created Equal Source: Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2016 ! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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The Authenticity Imperative Authenticity beats product utility and innovation Communicating honestly about products and services (91%) is more important to consumers than product utility (61%) Authenticity has a positive impact on bottom line 63% of consumers would buy from a company they consider to be authentic, over and above competitors #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Unacceptable! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Helpful! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Be Discovered #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Compete Effectively #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Increase On-Site Conversion “Since putting up this widget two months ago, the time spent on this page has increased by 25% compared to the previous two months We’ve been tracking the number of people who read the reviews on the widget and then submit a lead and our pipeline has increased as well. The review widget adds a lot of credibility to our product” #uberwebinar @uberflip ! Erik Bratt, VP Content Tealium

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Boost Demand Gen Email Campaigns #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Increase PPC and Retargeting Yield #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Accelerate Sales & Win More Deals “Having a large number of reviews on TrustRadius makes my life as a sales rep so much easier. The reviews hold more clout than those from software critics since they come from actual customers. They give prospects a sense of security that they aren’t kissing a frog” #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Enable Sales “When prospective customers ask for references, we can accelerate that very critical part of the cycle. We don’t have to cajole someone to get on the phone. We can send them to a website with 33 living, breathing, authentic reviews which are probably more beneficial than a single call.”  ! Jason Wesbecher, CMO Mattersight #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Building A Best-In-Class Review Program - What’s your overall social proof strategy? - How does this align with your content strategy? - How do you plan to use the reviews? - How will you measure success? - In-house vs outsource? - Can you handle the truth? #uberwebinar @uberflip

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5 Success Steps #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Review Acquisition #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Maximizing Review Content Value “AlienVault USM makes our lives as managed security providers a lot easier. It has the tools built into it that automate a huge amount of the analysis that needs to be done to ensure there is nothing malicious going on in our clients networks.  When we monitor and review theses networks, we know that we can check the alarms generated on the USM platform, and investigate those as a priority, and can rely on the fact that the platform has weeded out only the events that need to be investigated further.” #uberwebinar @uberflip ! Mike K., CTO

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Review Refresh / Augmentation #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Responding to Critique #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Tealium Success Story #uberwebinar @uberflip

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Results 71 strong reviews and ratings from: - Cisco, Dow Jones, Trend Micro and many more Average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 - High participation Sales enablement gold - “Solid gold. We should capitalize on these now” #uberwebinar @uberflip

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#uberwebinar @uberflip

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RESOURCES Success Guide to Increasing Sales with User Reviews www.trustradius.com/static/increase-sales-by-leveraging-user-reviews! #uberwebinar @uberflip

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QUESTION TIME! Emilie Hamel Customer Success Specialist, Uberflip @emilieHamel Vinay Bhagat Founder & CEO, TrustRadius @vinaybhagat hub.uberflip.com #uberwebinar @uberflip

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