5 Essential Strategies for Using Paid Media in Your Next Inbound Campaign

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Can Ads be Inbound? 5 Essential Strategies for Using Paid Media in Your Next Inbound Campaign

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Marcus Andrews @Marcus_Andrews PMM - HubSpot Ads #InboundyAds

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Can Ads Be Inbound?

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We Used to Think If you bought an ad, you were irritating your customer Traditional Cold Calling SPAM Emails Interruptive Ads Marketer - Centric vs Inbound SEO and Content Blogging Attraction Customer - Centric

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But we’ve decided to take another look And were blown away by what we saw 53% Of HubSpot customers have used ads this year. Successfully using ads to amplify the effect of great inbound marketing campaigns.

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Inbound and Ads Amplifying success all the way down the funnel

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Some Ads Amplify Inbound Ads that satisfy intent and extend the reach of great content work with inbound

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Some Ads Amplify Inbound Ads that satisfy intent and extend the reach of great content LinkedIn Sponsored Updates 1. Appear in LinkedIn Stream just like content and powered by content 2. Ability to reach the right audience based on professional targeting signals 3. Gets the content into the hands of a new audience who can benefit from it. 4. Amplify the effect of great content - more leads from existing offers 5. Integrates seamlessly into existing marketing campaigns

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Ads Can Be Inbound! OK but, how do I get good at ads?

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1. Find the right Ads for You There are lots of places to advertise online All with unique value. LinkedIn and Google are leaders in search and social when it comes to B2B marketing. 1 in 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates amplify content to the professional audience you’re targeting. 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search. Google’s search ads give B2B marketers access to the top of search results. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions - ThinkwithGoogle

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2. Don’t put Ads First Campaign A - Put Ads First Campaign B - Built Ads into Campaign LinkedIn Sponsored Update Average display ad The ad is an ad 1. Text 2. Image 3. CTA VS Ad is content 1. Fits into stream 2. Remarkable content 3. Adds value Ad drives targeted traffic to your homepage. Ad drives targeted, qualified traffic to a customized landing page. User clicks around, then leaves. User clicks, fills out form and is tracked as a conversion.

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3. Spend the Time on Targeting Example Buyer Persona: Marketing Mary Example LinkedIn Targeting Professional marketer (VP, Director) Location ● ● ● ● ● ● Mid-sized B2B (25-200 employees) Arizona, Las Vegas, San Francisco/Bay Area Finance Industry Small marketing team (1-5 people) Comm (BU), MBA (Babson) Skills: Social Media Goals: ● ● Support sales with collateral and leads Manage company communications Best Practice: Keep your target audience between 60,000 and 250,000 members. - N. America Arizona, Las Vegas, San Francisco/Bay Area Companies (Category) - Financial Services, Accounting Job Title (by Job Title) - VP, Director Skills - Social Media

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4. Measure what Matters Click Metrics Conversion Metrics Good to know but less important Metrics you should focus on to evaluate campaigns Impressions Each time your ad appears to a user, it's counted as an impression. Conversions Number of leads or form fills an ad has generated Clicks and Click-Through Rate (CTR) The number of users who click your ad. CTR tells you how many people who’ve seen your ad end up clicking on it. Cost-per-Click How much you pay for every click your ad receives. A common way to pay for ads. Cost-per-Acquisition (conversion) For ads that generate conversions, the average cost it takes to deliver one conversion. MQLs / Customers Which conversions become MQLs and customers. ROI (Return on Ad Spend) The total value of the customers/conversions an ad generates after the cost of the ad or campaign.

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4. Measure what Matters What are currently able to measure? Expert Click Focused: Only measuring what happens with ad. ROI Success = Strongest return on my ad spend and lowest cost-per-acquisition CPC/CTR Success = low cost and high click-through Conversions Success = Leads and a strong conversion rate Traffic Success = visits to my site Beginner Conversion Focused: Measuring the actions ads drive

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5. Test and Optimize Do more or what works and less of what doesn’t A/B TEST 1 A/B TEST 2 3 Conversions $12.89 avg Offer A VS. A/B TEST 3 12 Conversions $7.56 avg 2 Conversions 5 Conversions $7.56 avg Offer B 4 Conversions Test ads/keywords to different offers with different creative. See which drives more conversions. 5 Conversions $35.67 avg Optimize ads by building on what was working and pausing ineffective ads. 10 Conversions $6.99 avg Focus on ROI and Conversions and increase budget towards best performing ads. Continue process to drive best results.

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The HubSpot Ads Add-On The Easiest way to Build, Measure and Optimize Ads

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Campaign Creation Build ad campaigns faster and easier - right inside of HubSpot Creating Campaigns ● We’ve streamlined campaign creation by integrating your landing pages and social posts into ads. ● Build targeted ads that reach your buyer personas and help more prospects find your content. ● Pause, update and tweak ads right inside HubSpot to optimize for success.

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Campaign Measurement To master ads you need to know how many leads and customers an ad generates. Measuring Success ● When you build campaigns in the Ads Add-On we automatically start tracking conversions and ROI. Never deal with tracking codes again. ● Get a complete view of your ads across networks and campaigns in one place. Alongside your other marketing data. ● Go beyond clicks with conversions and ROI data for every ad and keyword. Allowing you to know exactly what's working and what’s not..

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Campaign Optimization We’ve built knowledge right into the tool. Empowering you to become the ads expert. Optimize Ads with Conversions ● There can be some bumps along the way with ads. We removed common areas of trouble and allow you to review progress at each step. ● We’ll help you set the right bid based on your goal and what you set as a profitable conversion. ● Test and optimize ads based on the best data available surfaced through the Ads Add-On.

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Get Started with Ads Resources to Get Going HubSpot Customer? app.hubspot.com/L/products

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Get Started with Ads Resources to Get Going Not a HubSpot Customer? HubSpot.com/Products/Ads

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Get Started with Ads Resources to Get Going Already Running LinkedIn Ads? LinkedIn.com/ads

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