Content Architecture in WordPress

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I’m a WordPress developer - Information Architect - UX Designer - general Content Enthusiast at OhmzTech.com. I live in Portland, OR. Hi, I’m Jamie Schmid find me online: @jamieschmid

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Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress Conductor Plugin: WordPress Content Types Without Code Tuts+ Guide to Content Types and Relationships in WordPress * * This is an amazing 9-part series by Rachel McCollin that explains content types in WordPress starting with the database itself. It gets technical, but I highly recommend it!! Custom Post Types UI Plugin: Create Post Types and Taxonomies Smashing Magazine: The Complete Guide to Custom Post Types Example Content Inventory/WP Content Types Spreadsheet

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BrainTraffic: An Intro to Metadata and Taxonomies Web Style Guide: Online Resource for the whole Web Dev process UX Booth: Complete Beginner’s Guide to IA The Information Architecture Institute Usability.gov: Information Architecture Basics

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Examtime.com : Tips on How to Create a MindMap Content Inventory/Audit Description and Resources Annotating Wireframes Cleve Gibbon's Awesome Guide to Content Modeling Karen McGrane: Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content