Think Big, Start Fast: How to Prepare for Marketing Automation Success

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Marketing operations @ Dropbox Ruud Leijten| ruud@dropbox.com Marketing Operations Manager EMEA | Dropbox

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Table of Contents 1.  The Dropbox Journey 2.  Dropbox & Marketo 3.  How to set yourself up for success 4.  Q&A

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Dropbox Journey

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The Dropbox journey Products

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Dropbox – The story Dropbox has gone through tremendous growth to become the leading collaboration network 2.1B connections today Businesses Connections Dropbox for Businesses 2013 Teams Dropbox for Teams 2011 Apps People Devices Dropbox founded 2007 Dropbox launched 2008 Dropbox API 2009

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The Dropbox journey EMEA holds huge untapped potential 2.2B 72+ EMEA population Countries we are selling into 40% Global signups 15+ 106 Sales reps 43% Global HVA’s Languages spoken by sales 28% Global DfB ACV

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The Dropbox journey Explosive growth on all fronts since I joined (Last years growth) 300M 60K 750 10 3 450M 120k+ 1500 88 12 users Paying businesses Employees 2.1B Marketing team connection (shared folders & links) 1.2B files uploaded daily 37B MS Office Files 300K apps Offices

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The Dropbox journey Deeply rooted within our customers – Adoption is our key to ROI 2014 2015

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The Dropbox journey The Marketing Organization has grown at remarkable rate 2014 2015 (9 FTE) (88 FTE)

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Dropbox & Marketo

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Dropbox & Marketo Why did we need Marketo? Our situation Need High number of contacts Robust data management system Hyper growth company Scalable User management Folder structure Workspaces & partitions Salesforce.com user Seamless integration with SFDC Varied marketing team Easy to use Yet flexible Clone / copy feature

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Dropbox & Marketo What we use it for -  Lead capture (gated content) -  Lead & customer nurturing -  Sales automation -  Sales ammunition -  Data maintenance -  Lead scoring -  Reporting & analytics

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Dropbox & Marketo Lead nurture example

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Example: Project Qualify

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Example: Project Qualify In a nutshell Challenge Solution -  Can’t justify spending expensive sales time on small deals -  Identify user groups with high propensity to buy -  Don’t know who’s the decision maker -  Automate sales email drip tracks -  Gain intel on user database to personalize emails Consumer -  Manual multi-touch email correspondence is cumbersome / impossible IP Traffic ( ) -  Automate getting DM’s / referrals -  Nurture DM’s to MQL’s

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Example: Project Qualify A three-step approach to qualifying leads

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Example: Project Qualify Step 1 – Getting to know our users

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Example: Project Qualify Step 2 – Getting the referral and utilizing information gathered

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Example: Project Qualify Processing referrals The Catflap!

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Example: Project Qualify Step 3 – Nurturing the DM

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Example: Project Qualify What it looks like in Marketo

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Example: Project Qualify Results Sales conversion rates: - From 4% to 12% Sales cycle length: -  from 18 days to 11 days -  From 14 to 7 touches

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How to set yourself up for Success

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How to set up for success Prerequisites -  Commitment -  Time investment -  Budget (software & external help) -  Content -  Accept that it’s not an overnight success -  Accept the fact that things will go wrong

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How to set up for success Marketing and sales alignment -  Get sales & management buy-in -  Involve sales in the process -  Build a sales development team -  Create joined KPI’s / targets with sales team

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How to set up for success Build a simple plan & communicate internally

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How to set up for success Perform a content audit

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How to set up for success Invest in top-of-funnel content

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How to set up for success Find the right marketing automation platform -  Make the right decision the first time -  Get help -  Define “nice have’s” vs. “must have’s” -  Don’t think you need enterprise software -  Don’t ever think about building internally

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How to set up for success Must have’s -  Seamless integration with CRM (bi-directional and fast) -  Marketing database manipulation features -  Ability to copy programs and campaigns -  Engagement engine -  Comprehensive list of triggers, filters and actions

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How to set up for success Stick with best practices

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How to set up for success Fix your marketing database challenges immediately -  Prevent at the gate -  Implement standardization mechanisms -  Use segmentation

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How to set up for success Never ask the question “ What can we do now to turn around this quarter? ”

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Marketing operations @ Dropbox Ruud Leijten| ruud@dropbox.com Marketing Operations Manager EMEA | Dropbox

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