Google Plus Isn't Dead

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THE POWER O P F L T U H E S Thomas E. Hanna https://BlogPhoto.tv +Thomas E Hanna @BlogPhotoTv

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Key Principle: Google Plus Rewards Engagement WHAT IS GOOGLE PLUS? Understanding The Culture And The Power Of Google+.

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The Rewards Of Engagement RECOMMENDED POSTS • When a follower engages with your posts, their followers may see it • That visibility is targeted to those relevant to you • This works as strong social proof

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The Rewards Of Engagement ‘WHAT’S HOT’ • High engagement posts show up in the ‘What’s Hot’ tab • High engagement posts can also be placed in the stream of relevant users, EVEN if they are not following you

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The Rewards Of Engagement PERSONALIZED SEARCH • Your Google Plus posts are elevated in the search results of your followers • This includes curated content

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Key Principle: Engaging With Others Creates Engagement With You DRIVING ENGAGEMENT Understanding The Unique Tools For Engagement On The Plus.

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Opportunities For Engagement COMMUNITIES Principles Of Community Building: • Make them relevant • Engage, don’t promote • Bring relationships home

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Opportunities For Engagement HANGOUTS ON AIR Benefits Of Hangouts: • Branding Recognition • Better Audience Connection • Live Engagement • Industry Outreach

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Opportunities For Engagement TARGETED CIRCLES Principles Of Circles: • These Are For YOU To Segment And Follow • Opportunities For Engagement • Opt-In Notifications

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Key Principle: Developing A Cohesive Strategy LEVERAGING THE PLATFORM Understanding The Tactics And Strategies For Growing Your Blogging Presence.

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Building A Strategy IDENTIFY YOUR CONNECTION POINTS Know Where You Intend To Engage • 1-2 Communities • Influencer Circle • Targeted Followings

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Building A Strategy PRE-PROMOTION • Publish A Teaser • Use A Graphic • Track Engagement • Create A Notification Circle

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Building A Strategy PUBLICATION • Update Your Teaser • Notify Your Circle • Cross-Promote With Influencers

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Building A Strategy POST-PROMOTION • Share More Than Once • Repurpose Content • Engage In Social Listening

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