Four Steps to Deliver a Great Digital Customer Experience

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Four Steps to Deliver a Great Digital Customer Experience

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Satisfying the demands of digital consumers is challenging. Satisfying the demands of digital consumers is challenging. Today, consumers expect brands to be easily available and accessible across multiple touchpoints. – They book a flight on their laptop – They check into the flight on their tablet – They use their phone to check the status That’s three interactions over three different touchpoints. And each touch needs to work flawlessly.

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Are you providing your prospects and customers a choice in the way that they connect with you? If not, you need to accelerate your digital transformation by taking these four critical actions …

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1. Free Your Data. Is your data trapped in a legacy system or other silos, making it difficult to distribute over multiple channels? Use an application programming interface (API) to free it, securely.

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Today’s applications use APIs to blend in-house data with external data sources to provide a better customer experience. Inside your company, APIs can bring together data from all segments of your business. Externally, APIs can help you create new applications and services by safely opening your data to your partners’ developers.

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2. Test Your Software. To compete, you need to develop and release products faster than ever before. However, the testing and QA process can delay your time to market as teams lose valuable time waiting for various resources to become available.

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Ramp up the speed of your testing process without cutting corners. Root out software problems faster— and earlier—by moving development and test tasks to earlier phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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3. Ensure Performance. Consumers want an application load time of less than six seconds. Yet today’s application delivery chains are incredibly complex, involving dozens of systems and thirdparty APIs. The New Battleground for Brand Loyalty Study, CA and Zogby Analytics, 2014.

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For the best customer experience, you need to track performance through the complete application chain, ensuring each touchpoint offers familiarity and consistency.

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4. See the Big Picture; Mind the Details. In a recent global study, 25 percent of organizations have developed five or more customer-facing applications in the past year. Bringing more apps to market—at an increasingly rapid rate—leads to greater complexity and a chaotic development environment. Application Economy Global Study, CA and Vanson Bourne, 2014.

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Your project planning environment needs to be as agile as your development process. Manual spreadsheets won’t cut it anymore. Fine tune your planning and decision-making processes at every level— from the C-suite to the QA lab.

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Learn more about satisfying the demands of digital consumers in the eBook: How Do I Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience Across All Touchpoints?

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