Building a Brand From Scratch

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Building a brand from scratch By Tine Thygesen

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Nice to meet you, my name is Tine Thygesen 
 / @tahitahi Entrepreneur, CEO, internet, marketeer, brand builder

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Ads don’t work the way they used to People are skilled at ignoring marketing, 
 inundated with messaging and and rarely change their mind. tinethygesen.com

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A brand is the ultimate only amplifier Awareness Loyalty Clear purpose to communicate Advertising, social etc Guides own media Convert customer into fans Earned media word of mouth & @tahitahi

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Special obstacles for technical companies - Technical wording - Uninspiring product names Z-1439-P - Non-human language - Uninteresting images = No one really understand what you sell tinethygesen.com

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It’s not what you say. 
 It’s what others say about you. Branding is not advertising, social media, nor design. 
 It is trust, relationship, delivery, values Explain yourself in 10 seconds. Ask someone else to. @tahitahi

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Practical tips for brand creation tinethygesen.com

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1. Be distinct and recognisable Recognise whose website this is from? To cement your design, words, stories & position = repeat, repeat, repeat @tahitahi

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Consistently reliable: Always using: Adventure, Wild, Energy, Video tinethygesen.com

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2. People want stories Coca Cola had great success tapping into Christmas. The urban myth is that the colour of Christmas was green before CocaCola entered the game… @tahitahi

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3. Target people who already agree with you Airbnb “Belong Anywhere” talks directly to people who see themselves as authentic + explorers. Who want to be travellers, rather than tourists. tinethygesen.com

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4. Understand what you’re really selling There are only six things sellable in the world Money Time Ego Status Sex Security @tahitahi

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Selling what money can’t buy The world loves Moleskine. People used them because they are cult notebooks used by Picasso and Hemingway (but actually they were invented in 1997= Strong storytelling) tinethygesen.com

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Iceland sells ego Target: People whose self perception match nature, adventure & off-the-beaten path @tahitahi

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Florida sells time Target: People in need of a break & quality time tinethygesen.com

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Red Bull sells ego Target: People who want to feel cool, young and on-the-beat @tahitahi

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What makes people share stuff: Achievement Pride Truly helpful How i want to be seen Turtle selfie on Visit Australia’s Instagram: 61K 5. Enable others to tell your story Source: instagram.com/Australia

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Communication on mobile differs from web. Key words here are not unique and quality. But timing & relevance . @tahitahi

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tip Emotion is more memorable than facts tinethygesen.com

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tip "I am rather a fan of Everplaces, I've been longing for an app that does exactly this, 
 since before the smart phone 
 was invented.” Alaina, USA Pictures stronger than words. 
 Video stronger than pictures @tahitahi

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Finally, the most advanced of communication tests: tinethygesen.com

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The grandmother test
 The ultimate nonsense detection machines How does your grandmother explain what what you do? That’s your starting point for your brand building work @tahitahi

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Tine Thygesen @tahitahi Thank you Talk bookings, tips and war stories from building companies and making dreams come true on www.TineThygesen.com

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