Creating compelling events (with less)

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Creating compelling events (with less) Pauline coulter

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What does success look like? ?????’s? Growing database? Profile and awareness raising? Building membership? Customer satisfaction?

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Primary success factor? What does success look like for your event and organisation?

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Return on Investment

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Return on Objectives

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Return on Engagement

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Knowing your customer Are you giving your customers a story and an experience? Who is your customer? Do you know their hopes, fears and aspirations? What is their profile? Can you speak directly to your customer?

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How can you tap into their desires?

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Experiences to remember

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Experiences to share

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The story…

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Who is your customer?

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Customer personas

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Creating your live experience Have you done your research And established your objectives? How easy is it to write topic brief? Do you have stories to tell? Who else is making money in this market? Know your competition

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Doing more with less

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Low cost, high value http://www.money2020.com/

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Doing more with less Requires a strategic defining of priorities – not everything can be a priority! Don’t stick with the same routines and process – re-evaluate according to your objectives Technology – embrace it but mix it up to keep it fresh

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Doing more with less – the practical stuff Define the experience. What needs to stay and what can you lose? What can you outsource? What can you get your partners to do for you? Can your sponsors do marketing for you? Can you get sponsorship in kind? What can you contra deal? It’s all about how you make people feel from the moment they arrive

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In conclusion Establish key priorities and define what success looks like for you Really see your customer and have that image of your customer in mind Do what you can do to the absolute highest level and leave, partner or outsource what you can’t

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