Why Now is the Time to Invest in Digital Experiences that Matter

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Attention is a Gift Why now is the time to invest in digital experiences that matter.

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The challenge with content marketing? We don’t think about the human aspects of engagement. 1

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To solve for it takes mindfulness. This moment right now, is important. Every word. Every image. Everything is thoughtful. 2

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We all assume that because consumers are consumers, they naturally consume everything we produce. 3

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But attention is a gift. Content marketing is a tactic. 4

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Content Strategy is a means to an end. To what end are we working? And what does the engagement look and feel like on the other side? 5

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How do you and your consumers walk away from engagement with a feeling of satisfaction and value? 6

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Remarkable content is the answer. 7

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Get real with digital marketing pioneer, Brian Solis and Cartoonist, Hugh MacLeod of the Gaping Void to understand how to master remarkable content in Attention is a Currency. 8

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Today, LinkedIn members number more than 400+ million professionals. That’s over one-half of the 600 million professionals on the planet, representing the largest group anywhere of influential, affluent, and educated people. For more information, visit marketing.linkedin.com

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