Why Content Marketing is a Waste of Time

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freedom Why Content Marketing is a Waste of Time… and What You Should be Doing Instead

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freedom Marketing has always focused on using media to get peoples’ attention @leighgeorge

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Interruption marketing doesn’t work

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freedom With the internet, brands could BE the media @leighgeorge

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freedom Some even became media companies @leighgeorge

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freedom The media produced in just 60 seconds is staggering @leighgeorge

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freedom We’re buried in an avalanche of content @leighgeorge

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freedom And we’re opting out… Google Trends: “How to unsubscribe” @leighgeorge

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freedom Wait! Are becoming a media company or even just content marketing the only answers? @leighgeorge

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freedom “Bring an empathy to the design” @leighgeorge

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freedom Really care about your audience and understand their needs, motivations and preferences @leighgeorge

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freedom Understand what they are trying to do @leighgeorge

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freedom Make it easy to get things done @leighgeorge

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freedom Make the experience convenient @leighgeorge

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freedom Make doing business with you enjoyable @leighgeorge

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freedom Make demos buzz worthy @leighgeorge

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freedom Make people feel special @leighgeorge

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freedom Don’t forget 1. Don’t separate your marketing from the product or service you sell. Everything is a brand experience. 2. Practice empathy, understand what your audience needs and consider how your purpose intersects with their passions and the challenge they’re trying to solve. 3. Drive advocacy by making sure every interaction they have with you is authentic, unique and supports audience needs @leighgeorge

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freedom Let’s stay in touch Leigh George, PhD CEO, freedom Email: leighgeorge@findfreedom.co Twitter: @leighgeorge LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/leighgeorge @leighgeorge

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