The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Advertising

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The Ultimate Guide To ADVERTISING

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January 1, 2015 Pinterest released Promoted Pins as a new advertising platform.

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This is an enormous new channel for advertisers to explore. 72.8M monthly actives 2.5B views daily 5M average pins / day

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Pins last much longer than other social posts. 90 minutes 24 minutes

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Pins last much longer than other social posts. 90 24 minutes minutes 3.5 months

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UNIQUE BENEFIT: Promoted Pins that are repinned see a 30% bump in earned impressions.

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Case Study: 6M 2X Pinners reached in less than 5 months. Engagement on their Promoted Pins.

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Successful brands all use these techniques on Pinterest Advertising…

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The Guide To PINTEREST ADVERTISING 1. Understand new ad formats 2. Master targeting capabilities 3. Create great pins

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1 Understand new ad formats Freshly released, Pinners can now buy products directly from the Pinterest app.

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 Buyable pins allow seamless in-app purchasing.

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 Simple layout, Secure shopping, Multiple CTAs.

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Visit a website, buy a product, download an app, and more.

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2 Master targeting capabilities With user specified interest, Promoted Pins will have direct targeting to pinners.

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Audience diversification allows interest & activity based targeting.

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Pair search terms with audience segments for advanced targeting.

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Use Pinterest Analytics to view audience insights & optimize future campaigns.

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3 Create great pins Produce eye catching pins with organic user generated content to flow on the audience’s pinfeed.

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Pinterest is a gallery of 
 collected interests.

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Focus on posting interesting content to drive engagement.

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Post content worthy of being re-pinned.

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Pinterest users engage more with authentic, real-world photos. c

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Don’t cheapen their feeds with stale stock pins.

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Liven up your pins with rich & genuine photos.

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CAUTION Paid posts are under different regulations than regular posts on social media.

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CAUTION Paid posts are under different regulations than regular posts on social media. In promoted posts, the photos you use must be commercially licensed and legally cleared.

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Twenty20 provides easy royalty-free access to 45 million real-world photos.

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Ensure you’re legally protected with photos legally vetted by a professional in-house team.

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Takeaways: 1. Leverage buyable pins c 2. Utilize analytics for targeting 3. Use authentic photos to create great pins

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