Activating employees to be brand storytellers. Michael Brito, Head of Social Marketing mbrito@w2ogroup.com @Britopian

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Activating employees to be brand storytellers. Michael Brito, Head of Social Marketing mbrito@w2ogroup.com @Britopian

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Humans trust humans; and they spend a lot of time online talking about stuff Britopian

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Innovative companies are activating their employees to be brand storytellers Smart brands are using these insights and turning employees into advocates through programs and empowering them to share and tell stories that deepen brand affinity, influence their peers and activate sales. Britopian

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Why? Because there are new business requirements that brands must consider to stay relevant Britopian

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Employee advocacy is critical for sales, marketing and overall business objectives Britopian

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There must be a two-way value proposition when building employee programs What’s in it for your BRAND? Content creation Reach new audiences w/trusted, branded content Trusted source for insights and feedback Promote / Defend Brand What’s in it for your EMPLOYEES? Employee engagement Internal “rock star” recognition Access to exclusive content Platform for sharing thoughts with the wider audience Thought leadership Britopian

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Employee advocacy falls into two broader programmatic categories Britopian

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Best Buy employee brand amplification program Britopian

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Coca Cola employee-influencer brand journalism program The Coca Cola Journey site launched in 2013 with a focus on telling stories related to business, innovation, music, sustainability and other topics. Contributors to the site include employees, customers and influencers and it’s powered by the Contently platform. Conversations from Coca cola Journey are aggregated using the #CokeJourney hashtag. Britopian

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Blended employee and customer programs can deliver maximum results within B2B communities Internal Internal Proactive employee advocacy community that shares and engages with external audiences Internal External Enabled employees communicate meaningful messages externally with customers and partners resulting in trustworthy relationships. Healthy and proactive communities create their own conversations resulting in advocacy. Internal External Britopian

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Strategic Approach Britopian

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Strategic approach for planning and deploying employee advocacy programs Plan and define programmatic elements of the program i.e. goals & objectives, selection criteria, stakeholder collaboration, technology selection. Identify and train employees based on specific job roles and/or varying levels of participation. Activate employees with strategic calls to action; and enable them to participate quickly and easy through smart technology deployment. Amplify employee-generated conversations to other participants; and also through various PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) activations. Britopian

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Define the guiding principles starting with the employee experience Delivering an amazing employee experience should be the focal point of all programs and activations. Making that experience memorable; and more importantly, convenient for employees to share content is critical. The content itself must not only focus on brand storytelling but also be relevant to the brand, product or business priority. It should resonate with what employees care about and align with their passions. In order to determine success of employee programs, there must be a measurement framework establishing what KPIs and what determine success. Hint. It’s not just about about relationships. employee experience brand storytelling measurement framework Britopian

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Collaborate, plan and document an operational plan Goals & Objectives: What does the brand want to achieve? What business/marketing outcomes are expected? Program Logistics: Who owns the program and what dependencies are needed to ensure success? Selection Criteria: How are employees selected to participate? What’s the plan to scale participation? Where do they participate – owned channels, branded channels? Training: Is there training prepared for employees at different proficiency levels? What’s the plan to scale globally? Technology: What technology platform will be used to scale the program i.e. language translation, rewards/badging, mobile integration, ease of use functionality. Marketing: What’s the name for the program (internally & externally)? Will it be branded externally? Britopian

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Find and recruit socially active employees and executives and build custom training for each group CONTENT CREATORS CONTENT CREATORS CONTENT CREATORS CONTENT CREATORS CONVERSATIONALIST LISTENERS Low Participation High Participation Create training curriculum with a focus on thought leadership, long-form content, blogging, videos, podcasting and webinars. Create training curriculum with a focus on best practices of community engagement and providing value-add content. Create training curriculum with a focus on how to use tools to listen to brand and industry related conversations. Britopian

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Activate employees with strategic “calls to action” Ensure that employee content aligns (either directly or indirectly) with the broader brand story, industry topic discussion, event or initiative. Build editorial calendar so that content can be planned in advance and aligned with other initiatives in market. Content should be anchored in one or more of the following core values – utility, education, entertainment, access, emotion, exclusivity, information and promotions. Enable participation through smart technology deployments (make it EASY for employees to participate). Mobile integration is critical for adoption and growth. Britopian

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Amplify employee-generated storyteling through converged media integration Britopian

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An example customer journey Britopian

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Let us help you activate your employees. Michael Brito, Head of Social Marketing mbrito@w2ogroup.com