Content Promotion Tactics For Link Acquisition

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@staceycav Content Promotion Tactics For Link Acquisition Stacey MacNaught Tecmark

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I still give a crap about links

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(Yep, even in 2015).

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And I’ll still give a crap about them next year.

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And, let’s be honest, links are why SEO agencies have had to adopt content led marketing

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We invest heavily in content with the primary goal of building links

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http://www.tecmark.co.uk/smartphone-usage-data-uk-2014/ @kerboo @staceycav

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@kerboo @staceycav

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Simple ideas formatted to fit target audiences

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Over the past 5 years, we’ve modified our processes extensively to improve our success rates. Changes include:

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Better goal setting

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More efficient ideation http://blogsession.co.uk/2014/03/635-method-brainwriting/

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Thorough audience analysis http://blogsession.co.uk/2015/06/content-audience-insight-tools/

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Higher quality production

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Significantly higher investment into smarter promotion planning and execution

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Time and money.

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But first, let’s take a step back…

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Why do people link?

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“Because I paid them.” - Me, circa 2009.

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“Because we spent so many many many many many many hours creating a linkable asset and then promoting it.” Me, circa 2015.

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But, there is some good news, link lovers.

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The reasons that people link are far simpler than the reasons they share on social

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Read this. http://nytmarketing.whsites.net/mediakit/pos/

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@kerboo @staceycav

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And This. http://marketing.buzzsumo.com/link-study/

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@kerboo @staceycav http://marketing.buzzsumo.com/link-study/

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@kerboo @staceycav http://marketing.buzzsumo.com/link-study/

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So, sharing is all about relationships

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Whereas natural linking is often more about attribution (or blame).

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That’s why image link building is so effective

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Image link building works in travel, B2B, finance, insurance, retail….

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Because if people use something that belongs to you, they attribute.

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So how does this apply to content promotion?

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Well, first of all it raises the questions about why someone would link (rather than share) the piece of content we are promoting.

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Does your content have linkable assets?

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A compelling story A linkable asset Happy Place

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Linkable assets could be: Images journalists or bloggers will want to use when writing about your story.

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Linkable assets could be: A tool that solves the problem your story is about.

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Linkable assets could be: A download that the blogger or journalist’s audience will benefit from

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Linkable assets could be: Even simply a highly controversial opinion or statistic that someone effectively wants to write about but blame you for!

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Ultimately, they’re things that justify a link rather than just a mention

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Ok…back to promotion.

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Outreach ? Promotion

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If ‘outreach’ is the only thing you are doing to promote your content, then you are not doing enough.

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Outreach ? Promotion

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Before you can plan promotion you need to know why you’re doing it.

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What does success look like? @kerboo @staceycav

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You need to know who you’re doing it for

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@kerboo @staceycav When your goals centre around link acquisition, your content target audience might not be the same as your target customer

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@kerboo @staceycav

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@kerboo @staceycav You want me to link?

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Align your objectives with your audience

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Find out where your audience is finding content and what they’re reading 1. Where

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https://yougov.co.uk/profiler YouGov Profiles

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https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights Facebook Audience Insights

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https://adwords.google.com/da/DisplayPlanner Google Display Planner

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Start finding specific contacts 2. Who

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https://adwords.google.com/da/DisplayPlanner http://bit.ly/1SwscbE

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https://adwords.google.com/da/DisplayPlanner Organise them into Tiers

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Get buy in early (where possible) 3. When

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Tier 1 – Before Production

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@kerboo @staceycav Good old fashioned psychology

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@kerboo @staceycav Commitment

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I saw you wrote about people with their faces in their phones in the pub! If I had data suggesting people spend 3 hours of the day on their phone, would it be of interest?

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I saw you wrote about people with their faces in their phones in the pub! If I had data suggesting people spend 3 hours of the day on their phone, would it be of interest?

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@kerboo @staceycav Reciprocity

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Great. While we’re conducting our research, are there any other questions you think we should be asking? Is there any data we could acquire that would specifically help you?

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Messaging and Headlines 4. What

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How well you describe your content is as important as how good it actually is.

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Let’s take a lesson from clickbait headlines

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Yes, you need a cracking headline.

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Yes, you need a cracking headline. But you also need to deliver on it.

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The headline might generate the interest. But delivering on it generates the link.

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http://simitator.com/generator/twitter/tweet https://www.google.com/insights/consumersurveys/ + Test headlines, email subjects, Tweets…

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MailChimp Lets You Split Test Email

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Read this.

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And these.

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And these.

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And these.

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Reaching the right people at scale 5. How

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Outreach ? Promotion

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Supplement with Paid Press Release Distribution

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Paid Social and Content Discovery

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PPC for Content Promotion

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“Adwords is cheap.”

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“Adwords is cheap.”

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Adwords is auction based. If nobody is bidding, it’s freakin’ cheap.

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Nobody’s bidding

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Nobody’s bidding

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Nobody’s bidding

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Bing is even cheaper.

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On Page SEO for Content

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Treat a piece of content the way you would treat a key product or service page

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Thank you stacey.macnaught@tecmark.co.uk @staceycav