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The Real World November 2015 05/11/2015

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Ads Platforms The Out-of-Home ecosystem Content Experiential Stands / Zones Mobile etc Commerce & Coupons Services / Utilities (e.g. wifi) Posters Networked Video Screens People & Places Owned OOH (e.g. buildings or jet bridges) Technology Laptops Tablets Duty Free / Retail Media & Assets Apps & Games Data Physical Experiences (sampling)

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Understanding The Connected Consumer

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OCS Constantly Constantly consumerconsumercentric centric

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OCS in Numbers % 6,765 Total sample in UK 30 Countries OCS is run in 7th 100,000+ Version Release Date Feb 2015 Global respondents 250 41 Brands now included on the survey Number of OOH formats analysed within OCS

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OCS Did you know… 79% of 15-34 year olds are interested in DOOH advertising that is relevant to their location

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TouchPoints Did you know… Almost half (48%) of all adults make a trip to the high street in an average week Source: Touchpoints 6

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Connected JCDecaux

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Clear Channel Tribes

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Ngen Clear Channel

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Exterion Insight Tools

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work.shop.play Exterion Media

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Primesight Primelife tools

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Data Driven Targeting

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A pioneering new travel survey

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Measuring audiences whilst OOH

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Revolutionising the way we plan OOH

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We Live in a Convergent World

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Driven by technology and consumer expectation… 370 1.1bn contactless transactions are made every minute in the UK Connected Things will be used by smart cities in 2015 of adults in the UK now own a smartphone Of 18-24 year olds use their device on public transport 76% 80% 59% Of UK adults have browsed retailer sites on their smartphone

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It’s a convergent World… Networked OOH: Real Time Owned OOH Experiential OOH Interactive interfaces Gateway to Mobile content Live video streaming

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New Planning Data Index of tweets vs. the norm in proximity to posters in Nottingham

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New Planning Data

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New Planning Data

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Improved targeting through mobile data TRIPLED THE EFFECT of OOH media in terms of: • Ad Awareness • Purchase Consideration • Online Searches

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The Out-of-Home Marketplace

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Media Revenue Growth 1999-2014 Media Revenue 18,000 16,000 14,000 Media Annual total media spend in £m 12,000 Internet Outdoor 10,000 Cinema Radio 8,000 TV Magazines Newspapers 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Year Source: Aegis Media & WARC 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

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Media Revenue 2014 and Q1 2015 (est.) £m £350.0 0.6% 6.1% 6.4% £300.0 +6%** £250.0 2012 £200.0 2013 2014 £150.0 2015 £100.0 £50.0 £0.0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Total 2014 - £1,019m (3.0% YOY) Source: OMC / ** 2015 data is Posterscope estimate Q4

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UK Digital OOH Revenue 27% of OOH spend 350 300 250 200 150 3.8% of OOH spend 100 50 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Forecast Source: OMC/Posterscope estimates

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Top 10 Categories The top OOH spending categories: January – September 2015 Entertainment and leisure Telecoms Drink £111.0m 11.91% £73.5m 4.45% £54.4m 9.44% £52.0m 0.2% £46.1m 10.74% Motors Travel & Transport Cosmetics & Personal care Media Govt, social, political £41.0m 18.81% £38.5m 1.68% £26.3m 10.62% £23.7m -17.89% £20.8m -8.5% Finance Total market £566m (+5.2%) Food

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Top 10 Categories The top OOH spending categories: September 2015 Entertainment and leisure Telecoms Finance Food Travel & Transport £11.0m -26.1% £8.9m -26.5% £8.9m -21.46% £8.3m 106.8% £5.2m -8.09% Cosmetics & Personal care Motors Drink Computers Media £3.8m -8.31% £3.7m -28.2% £3.7m -52.6% £2.7m -12.1% £2.6m -56.7% Total market £68.0m (-24.0%)

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Who’s Spending? The top OOH spending advertisers: January – September 2015 £29.7m 30.2% £11.8m 15.4% £11.5m 26.2% £10.m 28.0% £9.3m 51.0% £8.6m 45.03% £8.5m -17.0% £8.4m 81.8% £8.3m 34.0% £7.2m 46.7%

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Who’s Spending? The top OOH spending advertisers: September 2015 £4.3m 25.2% £2.2m 87.2% £1.9m NA% £1.6m 35.7% £1.5m -47.4% £1.5m -7.1% £1.4m -9.7% £1.5m £1.3m 2713% 180.1% £1.1m 34.0% £1.1m 71.5%

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Spend Trends- Roadside Spend by OOH format: January – September 2015 6s Large Digital £83.7m 56.19% £185.2m -6.31% 96s £23.7.m -1.1% Specials 48s £74.4m 8.5% £9.9m 33.0%

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Spend Trends- Transport Spend by OOH format: January – September 2015 £39.3m 6.1% £71.5m 10.1% £35.3m -1.0% £34.6m -15.3%

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Consolidated Market Place Est. Market share based on revenue Others 17% 31% 8% 21% 23%

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Media where it matters About JCDecaux + JCDecaux is a privately owned French OOH advertising company, founded in 1964 in Lyon when Jean-Claude Decaux installed the first advertising bus shelter. This local outdoor company is now a global media owner. Reporting €2,813 million in revenue in 2014, JCDecaux is present in more than 70 countries worldwide and is marketleader in the UK. JCDecaux has recently been awarded the £500m TfL Street Furniture contract across a period of eight years. Key Formats In the UK JCDecaux provides opportunities on multiple formats across roadside, rail, retail, airports and the experiential landscape. Geography Nationwide across environments in all the key cities across the UK. jcdecaux.co.uk Key Areas For Investment Roadside: Continued investment in digital across the country. Key new digital locations include The Salford Arch and first ever 84” D6’s in Edinburgh. Rail: Digital expansion continues across D6 and Transvision networks Retail: M-Vision expansion to further premium malls, and portfolio moves towards 100% digital with D6 development. Continued digital investment at Tesco Airport: Ongoing development in digital inventory at major UK airports. New iVision screens and increasing focus on dynamic content and live updates Experiential: JCDecaux Live is expanding the multienvironment portfolio further Proprietary Research Connected Commuter and Connected Consumer, Power of Big ‘3’ from JCDecaux Insight. ‘Business Traveller 2’ Insight, Audience Typology, Luxury & Motors category presentations and Perceived Value Research from JCDecaux Airport.

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About Clear Channel + Clear Channel UK is part of Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), which in turn, is 89% owned by iHeart Media Inc. – the global media and entertainment company. The remaining 11% of is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CCO). . . Clear Channel Outdoor is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies with more than 675,000 displays in over 40 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Reaching nearly 600 million people monthly, including consumers in 45 of the top 50 U.S. markets, Clear Channel Outdoor enables advertisers to engage with consumers through innovative advertising solutions. Clear Channel Outdoor has over 7,000 employees and a reported revenue of $3bn. Key Formats Adshel, Adshel Live, Storm, Billboards, Malls, Supermarkets, Socialite Geography Nationwide across environments in all the key cities across the UK clearchannel.co.uk Key Areas For Investment Adshel Live national Roll-out The national roll-out of Adshel Live will see us launch a network of digital screens in premium locations across the 25 largest cities in the UK - giving brands the opportunity to engage with audiences using dynamic, interactive and real-time advertising creative. Storm expansion We are continuing to invest in Storm, our premium digital portfolio. With three new sites; Billingsgate, Shoreditch High Street and Lambeth Palace Road launched in London along with the roll-out of sites across the UK, the expansion of Storm demonstrates our dedication to our next generation digital portfolio. Proprietary Research Ngen Our community of young, social and connected people gives us deep and rich insight and allows for on-going engagement for Clear Channel and our brand partners.

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About Exterion Outdoor + Previously part of American-based CBS Corporation, CBS Outdoor International was sold in the Autumn of 2013 to LA-based Platinum Equity and rebranded to Exterion Media in January 2014. Exterion are currently involved in pitching for the TfL pitch which combine the ad sales for the Underground, the Overground, the Tramlink, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Victoria Coach Station and Crossrail, when it launches. Key Formats Key Areas For Investment Increasing digital offering across Rail & London Underground Illuminated New Bus For London Performance 48 sheets National Rail Expansion of retail offering Birmingham Express Roadside digital Proprietary Research work.shop.play and All eyes on London Underground, bus, retail (Westfield Stratford, Westfield London and One New Change), National Rail Formats include, 96s, 48s, 16s, 6s, 4s, LEP’s, TCPs, DEPs, LCDs, XTP’s, T-sides, Streetliners, Bus interiors, etc.) Geography National with a dominant presence in London http://www.exterionmedia.co.uk/

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Results are our culture About Primesight + Key Areas For Investment Jointly owned by GMT Communications Partners LLP and the Primesight management team, Primesight is a UKbased business which has a market share of 8% in 2014/15. Primesight has heavily invested in Digital by creating the first national roadside digital ‘Network’ of 48 sheets. It continues to expand as sites are rolled out across the country. Key Formats Proprietary Research Roadside,Digital ‘Network’ cinema, Glasgow subway Primemobile, Primedesign,, EPOS, Brain Works, Geofencing. Primesight has also recently innovated ‘Primemobile live’ – a real time marketing performance dashboard that allows you to view campaign progress in the moment. Geography National coverage with sites in all major cities across the UK and Glasgow Underground. primesight.co.uk

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About Ocean Outdoor Ocean Outdoor, launched in 2005, is a boutique, UK-based media company pioneering creativity in digital OOH via an expanding portfolio of large-format, high profile sites In May 2012 a management buyout, backed by LDC Capital, purchased the business from Smedvig Capital for £35m In 2014, Ocean Group acquired Signature Outdoor and in 2015 expanded further with the acquisition of MediaCo. + Key Areas For Investment Ocean practices 'The Art of Outdoor', with every site in the Ocean portfolio having a unique quality and personality. Ocean’s strategy of developing iconic digital land premium formats, is mirrored by its acquisition strategy. Areas of investment include… The Grid Ocean Labs Regional site expansion Proprietary Research Ocean Outdoor reported revenues of £23.4 million in 2012 Key Formats 61 screens & displays across 42 locations in 9 cities. Large-format digital, iconic landmark and super-premium banner locations including The IMAX. Geography Ocean has a regional footprint that spans the following UK cities: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Glasgow , , , , , and . oceanoutdoor.com Neuroscience Research projects - The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor - Beyond Out of Home

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Posterscope news, views and campaigns www.pioneeringooh.com

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Posterscope host ‘The Pioneers’ event featuring Justine Roberts…

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psLIVE UK Win Event Magazine Brand Experience Agency of the Year 2015… 11/5/2015

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psLIVE UK success at the 2015 FMBE Awards…

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The Drum Creative Out of Home Awards Announces Finalists…

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Advertising Week 2015 NYC….

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MasterCard launch RWC campaign with “Priceless Surprises”…

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BMW Use Real Time Posters to Launch New 7 Series…

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North Face Campaign Uses Weather Triggers to ‘Embrace the Outdoors’…

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Jameson’s use Locomizer to enable hyper targeted campaign…

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Société Générale’s RWC Welcome…

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The Master Chief is Immortalised in Shoreditch murals…

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OOH Industry News

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JCDecaux launches LDN!

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Birmingham showcases The Loop – the latest in digital out of home connectivity…

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Winners announced at Ocean’s Digital Creative Competition…

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Exterion Media & TINT Reshape Digital Experiences…

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Outdoor Plus Adds M1 Staples Corner…

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Presenting The Meadowhall Approach…

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Touch Points 6 reveals Television and OOH Continue to be the Largest Broadcast Media…

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Clear Channel deploys LED screens in three 11/5/2015 Norwegian airports…

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State of The Art DOOH for Edinburgh’s Prince Street…

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Stuff we like

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Tesco Pranks Customers for Halloween Campaign…

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Taylor Herring Takes Patients Across London Street to Highlight Organ Transplant TV Show…

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This Interactive Digital Billboard Warns What’s Around the Corner…

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Russian Olympic Committee Creates a Social Heat Lamp That Shares the Warmth…

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‘Stories in the Sky’ Use Kites to Promote Children Reading… 11/5/2015

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DHL’s Scrum Challenge… 11/5/2015

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Traffic Lights Encourage Pedestrians to Leave Behind Compliments…

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Talk to a Fire Hydrant in Singapore at the Festival of Tech…

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L’Oréal Shows Power of Waterproof Mascara In Movie Theatre…

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AIDS Concern Hong Kong: Can You Smell the Prejudice? 11/5/2015

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Advertising for Humans That Works…

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La Place Restaurants: Livestream Chef Making Your Pizza…

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Kit Kat Take A Break Machine…

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JetBlue Reward People for Stealing Bus Stop Ads…

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Catch Pokémon in the Real World…

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The World’s First Soap Bus Ticket…

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The Tattoo Flyer With a Touch of Digital…

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10 Squats Earn You a Subway Ride…

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Melanoma Institute Australia: Stop the Spread…

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: Haunted Open House…

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10 Squats Earn You a Subway Ride…

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