Enhancing your Academic online presence using Sue Beckingham @suebecks Sheffield Hallam University

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Enhancing your Academic online presence using Sue Beckingham @suebecks Sheffield Hallam University

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“Social Media gives more people a voice and provides a powerful tool for value creation and competitive differentiation” Advanced Human Technologies 2010

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We need to be seen as role models for our students Our students returning from placement and graduates can also be role models http://www.slideshare.net/suebeckingham/social-media-for-placement-networking

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Our students need to be prepared for 'social recruitment' Social media screening, Skype interviews and online CVs 42% of companies are now using video interviews to recruit roles 45% of employers now use social media to screen job candidates 34% of Jobseekers are using online profiles and using Twitter to make first contact with employers Guardian Careers 2015 http://www.theguardian.com/careers/2015/nov/22/social-media-skype-and-online-cvs-new-ways-to-get-a-job-live-chat

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https://press.linkedin.com/about-linkedin build connections group discussions collaboration opportunities share your expertise Why LinkedIn?

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https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/profiles/cases-2/ This project has developed a toolkit of resources to support the effective use of LinkedIn by staff and students made up of artefacts in multiple media, including: Video ‘talking heads’ of employers describing how they scrutinise LinkedIn profiles, and other social media, as part of their recruitment strategies; Short video case studies featuring alumni and how they understand the importance of social media in relation to getting a job; Case studies from students and advisors describing their use of LinkedIn and how this has helped them, especially in becoming confident, networked professionals; Leading academics talking about the importance of maintaining a professional network.

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The interface keeps changing so do refer to the up to date resources provided by LinkedIn https://help.linkedin.com/app/home LinkedIn Help

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Questions to consider Who will look at your online profile? What do people want to know about you? Where will they use this information? Why is your profile important? When and how often do you update it? How will you use your profile to your advantage?

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Expand your network

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Image source: Noah Sussman 3 1 2 Building a valuable network

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Strong Ties Strong Ties Friends or Peers are less likely to be able to provide new information or connections Weak Ties May be able to introduce you to new people with potential company information and potential job offerings

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The power of online connections recruitment/job seeking develop a personal brand opportunity to learn and share global connections maintain connections ongoing 24/7 networking ability to be known and found 6 degrees of separation 4.74* * Facebook study

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Understand your audience The way you tell your story will depend on whose attention you’re trying to attract. Whether it’s peers in your professional network, potential research or business partners, or other useful business contacts, understanding your audience will help you tailor your LinkedIn profile to speak directly to them.

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Complete your profile

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Put a face to your name First impressions count. Including a professional photo in your profile brings your story to life and attracts more attention on LinkedIn. LinkedIn state that members with profile photos receive 14x more profile views than those without.

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Create a headline that reflects your skills/interests Along with your photo, your headline is the first thing people see on your LinkedIn profile. Use this area to speak directly to your target audience, including phrases or keywords they might be using to find you.

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Tell your professional story Demonstrate your expertise. Use the Summary and Experience sections of your profile to showcase your career and experience – and show others why you’re someone worth knowing. Be sure to include keywords and phrases that highlight your best skills and improve your visibility in LinkedIn and Google search results.

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Let your network speak for you Get recommendations and endorsements of your skills from colleagues, employers, and professionals who can speak to your abilities and contributions. Having personal advocates will give you even more credibility. Leadership Team working Digital Literacy Problem Solving Negotiation and persuasion Communication Organisation Emotional Intelligence

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Showcase your work Nothing shows your quality of work to contacts better than rich, tangible examples. Upload or link to previous work, such as blog posts, presentations, images, and websites, and give people a reason to engage with you. You may also link your SlideShare presentations and auto upload them to your profile in your Summary section.

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SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net/suebeckingham Showcase conference presentations

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SlideShare analytics

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Showcase your publications

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Make yourself easy to find Your LinkedIn profile tells your professional story and can help cement new relationships. Make sure people are seeing it. Customise your public profile URL to increase your chances of appearing in search results and make it easy for people to find you. Add to business cards, website/blog, email signature.

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Updating your profile On your profile page you can turn updates off whilst you are making edits When adding new publications also consider adding to: LinkedIn profile SHURA Sheffield Hallam Research Archive (or your institution's equivalent) Academia.edu ResearchGate Mendeley

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Using social media to remain in good standing Middleton and Beckingham 2015

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“Your brand isn’t what you say, it is, it’s what Google says it is…” It has the power to influence people to invest (or divest) in you. (Joel 2009) Remember....

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Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Educational Developer with a research interest in the use of social media in education.  Blog: http://socialmediaforlearning.com/  LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/suebeckingham Sue Beckingham | @suebecks