Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Social Trends and Analysis

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Social Trends and Analysis

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TOTAL POST VOLUME Mentions of Black Friday over the last 7 days 1,329,840 >21% more mentions than 2014 Nearly +192% post volume change week-over-week (Nov 20th to 27th, 2015)

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LEADING BRANDS Kohl’s sweepstakes mentions contributed to the high volume of mentions for the brand. Post volume was -13% lower than 2014. Their handle @kohls tweeted 64 times during the past 7 days. 114K 46K +2,589% 38K -46% 44K +41% Year-Over-Year % Change

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KEY TOPICS OF CONVERSATION 141K A lot of consumers chose to skip the Black Friday crowd this year and opted for Cyber Monday deals instead. #CyberMonday was mentions over 5K times. Kohl’s Sweepstakes dominated the conversation for Black Friday, with the brand accumulating 25% share of voice amongst other brands. The Xbox One was the most popular item that consumers were hoping to scoop up. This topic received 248M impressions on Twitter. 114K 44K

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TOP HASHTAGS 114K #BlackFriday #KohlsSweepstakes #CyberMonday 14K 5K

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SENTIMENT Anticipation and excitement around Black Friday’s deals and special discounts were top of mind for over 128K individuals on social media. Long line-ups and brawls drove the negative sentiment towards Black Friday, making the option of Cyber Monday shopping more appealing to consumers.

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MEDIA CHANNELS +9.3% increase on Twitter since 2014 Most retweeted topic: “Kohl’s Sweepstakes” contest 19.6B impressions on Twitter in relation to Black Friday

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TOP PRODUCT MENTIONS 21% mentions of Xbox. Consumers were most eager to buy the Xbox One video game console. Clothing and TV sales were also leading the conversation, with consumers looking for deals on t-shirts and sweaters, as well as Smart TV’s and Ultra HD TV’s. Conversation surround TV’s accounted for 262M impressions on Twitter.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE There were 814 mentions of customer service over the past 7 days. Retailers receiving most of the complaints for their customer support included Best Buy, Target, ToysRUs, and Walmart.