IAB Canada Roadshow 2015: The Future of Programmatic Advertising

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T H E   F U T U R E   O F   P R O G R A M M AT I C

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          W h o   A m   I ?               A N D R E W   R O B I T A I L L E   Director  of  Sales,  Eyereturn arobitaille@eyereturn.com      EYERETURN  MARKETING    2  

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E Y E R E T U R N   M A R K E T I N G   B EG A N   1 5   Y EA RS   A G O   •  Fully  integrated  Technology  Stack •  Part  of  TorStar •  Employs  a  staff  of  95,  300%  growth  since  2012   •  USA  +  Canada              EYERETURN  MARKETING    3  

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          GLOSSARY: WHAT’S A DSP AND A DMP W H A T   I S   A   D S P ?   D M P ?   A D -­‐ S E R V I N G ?    EYERETURN  MARKETING    5  

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C O N U N D R U M S : H O W D O W E U S E C R O S  S   D E V I C E F O R A L L M E D I U M S       - P E R F E C T   M E D I A   M I X   AdverXsers  want,  if  not  need,  to  know  which  ad  resulted  in  a   conversion/purchase  (a[ribuXon).    They  can  do  this  with   determinisXc  data  and  an  all-­‐mighty  pla`orm.    Syncing  Display,   Search,  Email,  Social,  OOH,  and  more  with  real-­‐Xme  purchases   and  loyalty  card  tracking.        EYERETURN  MARKETING    9  

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  E C O N U N D R U M S : C R O S S - D E V I C E TA R G        T I N G A N D M E A S U R E M E N T H O W   I T   W O R K S   •  DeterminisXc •  ProbabilisXc •  Which  companies  do  what?                                                                                                                            EYERETURN  MARKETING    10  

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LOOK AT WHAT’S POSSIBLE NOW           A O L -­‐ V E R I Z O N             AOL  has  acquired  Microsoc’s  Display   business  ,  Millenial  Media  and  was   swallowed  up  by  Verizon.  EYERETURN  MARKETING    11  

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LOOK AT WHAT’S POSSIBLE NOW           G O O G L E   Google  has  built  a  DMP,  already  has             cross-­‐device  idenXficaXon  data  with   Gmail  and  other  Apps,  and  has  Youtube   video  inventory  to  boot.    Did  we   menXon  search?  EYERETURN  MARKETING    12  

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LOOK AT WHAT’S POSSIBLE NOW           F A C E B O O K   Facebook  is  acXvely  using  profiles  to             measure  purchase  history  through  data   partnerships,    this  cross-­‐device  and   online/offline  syncing  is  currently  in  use.    EYERETURN  MARKETING    13  

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          WALLED GARDENS Unfortunately,   a ll   t hat   i nformaSon   i s   s iloed.   You  must  work   with  all  of  these  major  pla`orms  to  access  that  data,  and  the   data  is  hard  to  pull  from  it.    They  want  you  to  stay  in  their   hemisphere.               IE:   Youtube  inventory  can  now  only  be  bought  directly  –                 yet  6  months  ago  it  was  all  open  on  the  exchanges.            EYERETURN  MARKETING    14  

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BUY AND SUPPLY CONFLICT           Google,  Chango,  AOL,  Yahoo  and  more  are  making  money  off   of  the  publishers,  and  the  adverXsers.    How  is  that  un-­‐biased?     Whose  best  interests  are  they  serving?    EYERETURN  MARKETING    15  

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ENTER SAAS AND THE CLOUD           N E W   E N T R A N T S   Every  major  socware  corporaXon  has  entered  the  markeXng  cloud  market,   guaranteeing  a  pla`orm  that  will  solve  all:  social,  display,  email  markeXng,   content  management  needs,  and  more.       However,  they  do  not  offer  ad-­‐tech  experXse,  rarely  service  agencies  (brand   direct  only),  are  expensive  and  are  acquiring  these  companies  to  round  out   their  offering,  limiXng  customizaXon.    Put  simply,  they  are   Automa'on   companies,  not   Media   companies.    EYERETURN  MARKETING    16  

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NEXT LEVEL OF DATA USE           NEST   IOT Cars  with  Wifi   Apps  with  Security  Systems   Phone  Payment  Systems   Baby  Monitoring      EYERETURN  MARKETING    17  

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NEXT LEVEL OF DATA USE:           W H AT E Y E R E T U R N I S B U I L D I N G •  A  Pla`orm  that  allows  for  cross-­‐device   targeXng,  without  controlling    (and  possibly   manipulaXng)  both  the  supply  and  demand   side.   •   A  Pla`orm  that  can  bridge  mediums  (social,             search,  display,  video,  OOH,  etc.)  while   giving  a[ribuXon  to  the  appropriate  ads.   •  A  transparent  partner  that  will  always  show   price,  verify  performance,  frequency,   conversions,  and  more  in  an  a[empt  to   improve  our  collecXve  digital  reputaXon.    EYERETURN  MARKETING    18  

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          WHATS OUR FUTURE IN PROGRAMMATIC? We  want  to  be  the  ulXmate  pla`orm  –  we  want  to  provide  clients  with  a   convenient  place  to  buy  all  forms  of  media  intelligently  and  conveniently.    We             want  to  do  it  without  a  single  bias.    We  don’t  want  to  own  our  own  inventory,   search  engine,  ad  blocker,  or  social  pla`orm.    We  will  be  efficient,  equal  and   transparent.    We  will  be  an  open  garden  for  all  to  enjoy.      EYERETURN  MARKETING    19  

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