How to Scale to 10k B2B Signups with Content Marketing and Low-cost Ads

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How AdStage Scaled to 10k B2B Signups with Content Marketing and Low-cost Ads Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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About Sahil Jain CEO & Co-founder of AdStage Was Co-founder & CMO of Trigger.io @ 20, Aol @ 19, Yahoo! @ 17, High School & College dropout. AdStage All-In-One Ad Platform RAISED Create, optimize, and report across Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads. Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Strategy CONTENT MARKETING Sahil Jain @sahilio + LOW-COST PAID ADS = AdStage @adstage

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Content Marketing BENEFITS Sahil Jain @sahilio TYPES PROMOTION RECYCLING AdStage @adstage

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Benefits of Content Marketing • • • Improves SEO and drives organic traffic Attracts qualified leads Positions brand as a thought leader Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Types of Content We Create Newsletters e.g., This Week in Ad Tech • News e.g., Facebook Releases Audience Network to All • How Tos e.g., How to Track Conversion with Google Analytics • Guides e.g., The AdStage Guide to LinkedIn Ads • Podcast Tip: Leverage your domain experts for high-value content • Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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This Week In Ad Tech A curated roundup of the best news, how-tos and trends from the world of online advertising. Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Ways We Promote Content • • • • Paid social ads e.g., LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Organic social shares e.g., Buffer Internal links e.g., Links to related articles Email e.g., Newsletters Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Content Recycling Our evergreen content lives forever • Share via social e.g., Continue to Buffer tweets • Embed in product e.g., Adding to tooltips, notifications, etc. • Convert formats e.g., Create a deck from an article • Add to campaigns e.g., Adding to drip email campaigns Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Low Cost Paid Advertising BRANDED SEARCH Sahil Jain @sahilio CUSTOM AUDIENCES RETARGETING AdStage @adstage

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Branded Search Advertise on searches containing your brand name Benefits • Control the message • Control the destination • Reduce friction • Prevent competitors from poaching leads Perks • It’s cheap; your quality score will be high • It’s easy to setup - just use your brand name as a keyword • Benefits almost always outweigh cannibalization of organic clicks Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Custom Audiences Upload a list of people and target them with tailored ads Segment customer database and tailor your message • Target leads to nurture them • Target past customer to generate repeat orders • Target buyers of one product to cross sell another Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Retargeting Advertise to site visitors that leave without converting • • • Sahil Jain Win back engaged visitors you’ve lost (e.g., those that abandoned a shopping cart) Decrease length of sales cycle by remaining top of mind Cross sell similar products or services @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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Using These Tracking Pixels Facebook Website Custom Audience Twitter Conversion Tracking Website Tag @adstage

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Add Exclusion Targeting @adstage

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Logic with Exclusion Targeting Targeted Audience Excluded Audience Your target audience BLOG POST / INFOGRAPHIC Blog post subscribers GUIDE / WHITEPAPER Whitepaper downloads Whitepaper downloads CASE STUDY Case study downloads Case study downloads WEBINAR Blog post subscribers Webinar registrants @adstage

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Example Journey for the End User Visits website and does not convert Sahil Jain @sahilio Sees a blog post ad in feed and subscribes Receives three touch points for nurture campaigns via email, Facebook, and Twitter AdStage @adstage

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Questions? FOR SLIDES bit.ly/adstagewebsummit2015 Sahil Jain @sahilio AdStage @adstage

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