What Promoted Moments Mean for Brands

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Twitter | Introducing Moments & Promoted Moments October 6, 2015

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Introducing Twitter Moments What is it? On October 6th, Twitter unveiled a longrumored content-curation feature called “Moments.” The feature appears as a central tab on Twitter's mobile + desktop platforms, offering an editorial-style look at the most discussed topics. The verticals include everything from sports and entertainment to news, but they are primarily centered around live events. After selecting a vertical, users can scroll through each Moment to view a chronological stream of tweets — including text, photos, videos and Vine clips — that are handselected by Twitter's editorial team. Once the event is over, the Moment is archived and no additional tweets are added. 2

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Introducing Twitter Moments Why was it created? Moments plays a key role in helping Twitter attract new users and reclaiming those who presently find the platform unwieldy or unnecessary. While users must currently spend a lot of time on the platform to realize its value, Moments will help do some of this heavy lifting for them by effectively organizing the chaos and presenting the “best of Twitter” with just a click. Moments also demonstrates Twitter’s response to the so-called "distributed content” trend, competing with the likes of Facebook Instant Articles and the native Apple News app installed on iOS 9. 3

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Introducing Twitter Promoted Moments What are Promoted Moments? Instead of slotting promoted tweets within Moments feeds, Twitter has created a variant for brands called Promoted Moments. The Company describes them as “dedicated pieces of real estate…where a brand can curate a series of different tweets or Vines to actually tell their story.” Like a Promoted Trend, Promoted Moments will be considered “premium” purchases and will thus be given significant visibility on the platform (they’ll appear in every category list of Moments). Pricing has not yet been disclosed and testing will begin in “weeks, not months” according to the Company. 4

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Introducing Twitter Promoted Moments What do brands need to know? •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Promoted Moments are ideal for brands that want to enhance their online storytelling capabilities, particularly if they’re centered around real-time events or seasonal narratives. Brands can add as many tweets into their Promoted Moments as they’d like over the span of 24 hours. At launch, Twitter only plans to run one Promoted Moment per day, however the Company will likely expand upon that number down the road. Users can share Promoted Moments with others on Twitter (or outside of Twitter), and they can be embedded on publishers' sites for additional visibility. At this time, neither Promoted Moments nor regular Moments can include Periscope-powered live-streams or interactive cards. According to Twitter, this new product is subject to change and the Company will be taking a “test and learn” approach over the coming months to determine its functionalities. Twitter is considering making the same tweet-curation tools used by publishers available to brands, however in the interim, Twitter’s brand strategy team will work with advertisers directly to bring these Promoted Moments to life. 5

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