Revolution or Evolution in Marketing... It's Your Choice

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Revolution or Evolution! …it’s your choice? @jonobean

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”Right now, Marketing & Communications as a function is at an inflection point between what we’re comfortable with, what we have permission to do, and what’s possible.”! Eduardo Conrado
 SVP and Chief Innovation Officer Motorola Solutions @jonobean

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Are you Relevant?! @jonobean

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TRUST ME! PR IS DEAD! @jonobean

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Robert Phillips! Head of Chambers at Jericho Chambers Former EMEA CEO of Edelman Author of Trust Me, PR is Dead (2015)! @jonobean

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10 billion $ 13,5 billion $ Revenue increase 2012 - 2015! @jonobean

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33% increase in PR employees! (outnumbering journalists 4:1) @jonobean

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PR specialists earns 40% more than journalists! @jonobean

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EPA announces fines against Volkswagen, says it cheated on emissions test VW CEO Martin Winterkorn announces resignation Wednesday morning VW confirms 11 million diesel cars worldwide include ”defeat device” software VW haults sales of certain diesel vehicles; stock is down 15 points by Monday NYC law firm files class action lawsuit on behalf of owners and leasees impacted by ”defeat device”

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We are in the trust business! Online Search Engines 72% Traditional Media 64% Hybrid Media 63% Social Media 59% Owned Media 57% …but trusted sources are changing! @jonobean @jonobean Source: 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer

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And so are the people we trust online! Trusted 72% My friends and family An academic expert 70% 60% Companies I use Neutral 53% A journalist 52% Employees of a company Distrusted 46% A company CEO 45% A well-known online personality 40% Elected officials Celebrities @jonobean @jonobean Brands I don’t use 34% 32% Source: 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer

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Bjornpilot 17,000 to 48,000 + followers in last 12 months @jonobean

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Building a reputation! FEELING TRUST ESTEEM ADMIRE @jonobean Source: Reputation Institute Reptrack Framework

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Marrying Brand Purpose with Commercial Purpose ! @jonobean

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Marrying Brand Purpose with Commercial Purpose ! @jonobean

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Don’t let big (or small) data bury your brand! @jonobean

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Experience! @jonobean

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The importance of PESO! Authorty! Publicity! Optimized content Shareable content Engaging content EARNED! Paid media! Media Facebook sponsored post Adwords Sponsored tweets Twitter cards Lead generation Influencer engagement! Response to detractors Detractors turned to loyalists Loyalists turned to advocates PAID! Authority! Affiliate Brand Ambassadors Sponsored content Native advertising Media relations Blogger relations Investor relations Influencer relations SHARED! Media Content! Create from experts Employee stories Customer stories User-generated content Reviews Brand journalism Webinars, videos & podcasts Partnerships! Media OWNED! Media Charity tie-ins Community service Co-branding Socila media! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn You tube Pinterest Instagram Periscope

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of the biggest challenges communicators face! • working across more areas than before • creating more content with the same budget! • identifying and reaching the right audience! • working out where to dedicate limited resources • quantifying ROI

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Content consumption! @jonobean

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Reaching limits?! Going to the bathroom Consuming content @jonobean Source: Mark Schaffer - The Content Code Sleeping

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Exabytes of info on the internet! Today @jonobean 2020 CONTENT! SHOCK!

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Identifying your alpha audience! Only 2%… @jonobean

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The brand newsroom! The Red Cross – September 2015 @jonobean

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! ! Primary Communications objective:! ! Building trust in the " Red Cross organisation" @jonobean

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! ! How Mynewsdesk helps! ! Help us get our message heard " by the right audience quickly " and efficiently @jonobean

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A new approach to Content! 12 Content pieces 8 Stories 3 Images / documents Referrals: redcross.se | Facebook | Twitter | rednet.redcross.se

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Mobile first! 47% Desktop 53% 
 Mobile ! Changing the content & story approach in a mobile first world ! @jonobean @jonobean

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The power of the content hub and email! 73% of views in newsroom content " (photos, documents) and " historic content @jonobean 27% 
 views of September stories

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Engagement! 3,045 emails sent 29% open rate 7% increase on industry " standard of 22% 403 social shares 78% Facebook 22% Twitter 1m :40s average Dwell time 1.6 pages per visit

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Story highlights! Top 3 stories had 33%, 32% and 30% open rate Excellent targeted email list usage Total MND network value is 2,663 contacts Average distribution to 436 contacts (16% of total network)

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In the age of Content Shock we need to care about ! the elite 2%! @jonobean

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Red Cross MND: ! Influencer Email Alpha Audience! Total Audience MND contacts " = 2,663 (100%) Audience You Engage with = 436 (16%) Audience that engage with you = 129 (5%) Alfa Audience - continual engagement = 44 (2%) @jonobean

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Red Cross Email Alpha Audience! Redcross employees Policy makers Journalists 4.4% 40% Through individual email distribution analysis: 8.9% 20% of all openers are at internal redcross.se (5% Alpha Audience) 17.8% 10% are policy makers @riksdag.se (9% Alpha Audience) 28.9% @jonobean Editorials Individuals / suppliers

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Now some product ! presents for you! @jonobean

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Story Widget! @jonobean

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Customize! @jonobean

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Top News! @jonobean

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Multiple Stories! @jonobean

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Customize Story Widget Top News Multiple Stories @jonobean Story Widget Top News Multiple Stories Multiple Stories Top news

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Your 5 Takeaways! 1. Focus on what builds trust in your organisation 2. Marry Brand Purpose with Commercial Purpose 3. Put PESO at the heart of your strategy 4. Don’t let data bury your brand experience 5. Find your alpha audience – the 2% that care @jonobean

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Its time“Think“Think Different” to Different” otherwise you will Its time to become irrelevant otherwise you will become irrelevant ! @jonobean

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Thank you!
 @jonobean @jonobean

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