A 7 Step Framework To Build Amazing Products With Your Customers

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People want to be heard and to contribute

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The Customer Centric Agenda Observe Purpose Transparency Ideate Motivate Accountable Loveable

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The Business Case Fallacy Basic Inputs Observe Instead Active vs Passive Early Validation (Pain Killers working?)

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Observe Not Just Qualitative Get data on how your users are actually using your product Use that data to make decisions

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Always On Capture everything your users do No one knows exactly what data they need Capture it all, even if you don’t use it right now

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Purpose Understanding Journey Move from Good enough to Great

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Transparency Commit and follow up Don’t commit and let them know why Explain intent

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Ideate Co-create with customers Selection criteria

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Accountable Different teams - customer centric accountability

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Loveable Keeping Users at the Heart of the Product

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Loveable A loveable product is not just a collection of features and functions A whole product experience includes on-boarding, educating, and informing users to make them successful Connect with your users where they work (your platform)

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Founder and Board member VP, Product and Engineering @pendoio @questionpro

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