Establish Campaign Objectives & Applying Metrics

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Establishing Campaign Objectives + Applying Metrics Class 2: New York University Social Media Analytics I @BrianHonigman

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Develop a Campaign Customer Service Marketing Public Relations Fundraising Sales Employee Engagement

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What is a Goal? ___________ The aim or desired result of an action. @BrianHonigman

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Defining Your Objectives (Goals) with Social Media ___________ Key Questions to Ask. @BrianHonigman

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What’s Does Your Organization Stand For? ___________ Define Your Purpose. @BrianHonigman

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Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. @BrianHonigman

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What Organizational Goals Already Exist? @BrianHonigman

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Who’s Your Audience? @BrianHonigman

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What Action(s) Do You Want To Encourage? @BrianHonigman

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Have You Separated The Nice To Know From The Have to Know? @BrianHonigman

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Which Channels Will Your Business Be Using? @BrianHonigman

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Choose 2-3 goals to remained lazer focused. @BrianHonigman

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What’s the ROI? It’s gains minus costs, divided by costs, expressed as a percentage. @BrianHonigman

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ROI Formula: (Gains - Cost)/Cost @BrianHonigman

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Example: ($5000 - $2000)/$2000 Equals: 1.5% @BrianHonigman

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Example Social Goals Audience Development More Awareness Increased Engagement Sales Growth Thought Leadership @BrianHonigman

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Pairing the Right Metrics @BrianHonigman

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What is a Metric? ___________ A qualitative measurement of statistic describing events or trends on a website. @BrianHonigman

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What is a KPI? ___________ A metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your objective. @BrianHonigman

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Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics via @EricRies @BrianHonigman

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Vanity Metrics are surface level metrics that can indicate success, but don’t always. @BrianHonigman

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Example: Vanity Metrics - Pageviews - - Subscribers - - Likes - - Users - - Followers - - Downloads - - Video Views @BrianHonigman

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Actionable Metrics give your business the full story. @BrianHonigman

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Example: Actionable Metrics - Leads - Time on Site - - Sales - - Conversions - Referral Traffic - - Revenue - - Social Sharing @BrianHonigman

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Types of Social Metrics Consumption Metrics Sharing Metrics Lead Generation Metrics Sales Metrics via @JayBaer @BrianHonigman

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Metrics Worth Measuring Uncomplex Relevant via @Avinash Instantly Useful Timely @BrianHonigman

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Pair 2-3 metrics per goal, ensures your not measuring in a silo. @BrianHonigman

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ENGAGEMENT CONVERSION + + *Comments *Shares *Click Through Rate *Time on Site *Downloads *Sales *Request for Info *Phone Call @BrianHonigman

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Metrics Per Channel Will Vary, Do Research @BrianHonigman

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Example: Lucky Charms

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Example: Lucky Charms One Goal: Metrics: ENGAGEMENT *# of UGC Produced *Shares *Brand Mentions *Hashtag Use + @BrianHonigman

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Example: Humane Society Silicon Valley

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Example: Humane Society Silicon Valley

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Example: Humane Society Silicon Valley One Goal: AWARENESS Metrics: + *Media Mentions *Video Views *Brand Recognition *Social Impressions @BrianHonigman

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Questions!? @BrianHonigman

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