Does That Belong Here? A Facebook Versus LinkedIn Infographic

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DOES THAT belong here? Sometimes the line between what is appropriate to post on LinkedIn versus Facebook is unclear. Use this inforgraphic as a guide so that you never blur the line. VS Post updates on your personal life POST Post your expertise and industry insights Showcase your birthday SHOWCASE Showcase your work anniversary Brag about your kids BRAG Brag about your colleagues Create celebratory events CREATE Create interest groups DISPLAY Display your education and degree(s) PROMOTE Promote where you work Present your recent activity PRESENT Present your recent work (work history) Upload photos from the weekend UPLOAD Upload educational infographics “LIKE” “Like” when someone has a new job GET Someone’s attention by endorsing their skills WRITE Write someone in your network a recommendation UPDATE Update your skills, volunteer work, causes you support, etc. ADD Add a certification or language to your profile Display your relationship status Promote where you are, using the places feature “Like” someone’s engagement photos Get someone’s attention with a “Poke” Write someone a note on his or her wall Update your favorite music, TV shows, books, etc. Add a life event to your timeline © 2015 Boston Interactive ®, 529 Main Street, Suite 212, Charlestown, MA 02129 | 617.241.7977

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