NYU: Effective Testing on Social Media

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Effective Testing On Social Media Class 3: New York University Social Media Analytics I @BrianHonigman

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Better Social Media Measurement and Testing on Google Analytics Starts With: -UTM Parameters- @BrianHonigman

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UTM Parameters in Google Analytics Source Tagged Link is Clicked. UTM Tag Triggers in GA Medium Campaign @BrianHonigman

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Visit the Google URL Builder - Google It @BrianHonigman

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Define these Fields on Google URL Builder *Add URL *Add Source *Add Medium *Add Campaign Name @BrianHonigman

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Original: http://www.sephora.com/nails-makeup Tagged: http://www.sephora.com/ nails-makeup? utm_source=facebook&ut m_medium=social&utm_ca mpaign=xmas @BrianHonigman

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Testing Your Social Media Usage is Essential. @BrianHonigman

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Testing Allows You To Fail Faster. @BrianHonigman

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Testing is Low Cost. @BrianHonigman

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In Many Cases*, a Test Failing on Social Media Means No One Saw It. (*There are a few major exceptions.) @BrianHonigman

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Apply A/B Testing Best Practices @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Effective Testing Across Social Media 1. Choose One Variable To Test At a Time. @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Effective Testing Across Social Media 2. What Metric(s) Will Determine Success? @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Effective Testing Across Social Media 3. Do You Have Enough Data For a Proper Sample Size? @BrianHonigman

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Steps to Effective Testing Across Social Media 4. Run One Test Per Channel at a Time. @BrianHonigman

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Example Test: Best Tweeting Frequency @BrianHonigman

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*Increase the amount of tweets published daily from 5 to 10 *Review results after a month *Use Twitter Analytics to measure @BrianHonigman

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Example Test: Do Image or Link Posts Perform Better on Facebook? @BrianHonigman

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*Equally Alternate Sharing Both Types of FB Posts *Review results after a month *Use Facebook Insights to measure @BrianHonigman

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Example Test: Ideal Length of Videos on YouTube @BrianHonigman

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*Develop & Publish Videos w/Different Lengths *Review results after a month *Use YouTube Analytics to measure @BrianHonigman

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ADAPT Existing Research & Best Practices To YOUR Organization @BrianHonigman

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•To bring valuable content to one another. •To define ourselves to others. •To grow and nourish our relationships. •For self-fulfillment. •To get the word out about causes they care about. Source: Psychology of Sharing Study via New York Times

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SHAREABLE TWEETS INCLUDE: *Helpful Wording *More Information *Aligned Language *Mimic News Headlines Source: Cornell Study

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Questions!? @BrianHonigman

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