Not All Data is Created Equal

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All Data Is Not Created Equal Brian Monahan, VP of Marketing @Brionic

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2retail site largest nd Source: comscore multi-platform data including mobile ending July 2015

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is a giant personalization machine

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We have learned that data can be misleading Demographics Online Interests & Behavior Already Purchases Your Brand or Category ? Geographic Lapsed User of Your Brand or Category Complimentary Items Outside Your Category

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4K TVs

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Women’s Apparel

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Video Games

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The Power of Commercial Data ROC curve True Positive Rate True Positive Rate ROC curve False Positive Rate False Positive Rate

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Historical purchase data is significantly more predictive for future purchases than any other demo/behavior data ~1000 # of features needed without prior purchase data 70% Accuracy (demo, social, geo, other behavior, etc.) ~10 # of features needed with prior purchase data at same scale 90% Accuracy (historical purchase)

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How It Works Differences in key online and in-store purchase behaviors of shoppers exposed to media (test) and nonexposed (control) are measured and analyzed Proprietary first-party Walmart/Sam’s Club data matched to U.S. households Impressions are served across Walmart-owned media channels, tracking those exposed Matched data is anonymized and synced to online cookies Households are then used to segment Walmart.com shoppers for targeting and measurement

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WMX Control Method Test users Attribute 1 Control users generated from algo Attribute 2

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Media Auto Optimization WMX data allows Walmart to optimize media elements in real-time based on actual in-store sales, improving media over time. On average, auto-optimized tactics see 1.5x – 2.5x higher lifts (vs. non-optimized line items) Source: WMX Optimization Report for Pampers 81191

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Modern Media Planning is beyond human comprehension … it takes a software solution.

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Thank you

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